Bringing Power to your Life Through Assistive Technology for NDIS Participants

Welcome to your transformative journey for NDIS participants in South-East Queensland. Where innovation meets independence, your story of empowerment is waiting to be told. At Smarter Homes Australia, we’re more than just technicians and installers; we’re your allies dedicated to making those dreams your reality. Our mission is centered around our clients, aiming to ensure you, as a participant in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), can enjoy a life marked by unparalleled independence, security, and comfort. Embark with us on this exploration, where assistive technology isn’t just about enhancing lives— it’s about redefining how our clients live with a disability.

Your Journey to Independence and Comfort with Assistive Technology

Imagine transforming your home into a sanctuary of independence, security, and ease, where every challenge becomes manageable, For you, as an NDIS participant, assistive technology isn’t just about gadgets; it’s a bridge to a world of possibilities—a world where doors unlock through voice command, safety is ensured, and comfort is just a button press away.

Creating Your Secure Haven with Advanced Security Solutions

Feel the tranquility that comes with knowing your home is a fortress of safety, where you have the power to oversee your domain without moving an inch, and assistance is always a call away. Our advanced security solutions, including state-of-the-art CCTV, illuminating floodlight cameras, and versatile wireless security cameras, are crafted to give you peace of mind. Let’s dive deeper into how these systems can support you or your client.

Security systems tailored for you

Our premium CCTV setups deliver crystal-clear, high-definition surveillance, ensuring that day or night, you can monitor your surroundings with unparalleled clarity. With motion detection capabilities, you’re alerted to any activity, offering you real-time oversight from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.

Floodlight cameras that illuminate your safety

Our floodlight cameras merge robust illumination with high-definition video to keep unwelcome visitors at bay while lighting up your outdoor spaces for enhanced visibility and safety. Remotely controlled, these devices empower you to adjust lighting and monitor your home’s perimeter.

Wireless security cameras for flexible monitoring

Experience unmatched flexibility with our wireless security cameras, easily positioned anywhere within your Wi-Fi’s reach. They stream live video directly to your device and record based on motion. With two-way audio, you can communicate with visitors or deter potential intruders from afar. Perfect for rental properties or areas where roof space is not easily accessed.

Revolutionizing Your Access with Keyless Entry

Say goodbye to the hassle of keys. Our digital and smart locks provide seamless, modern access solutions that place you at the center of control:

  • Digital locks just for you: Customize up to 100 codes or 50 fingerprints for easy, keyless entry. Perfect for overcoming mobility or dexterity challenges, these locks make entering your home as simple as typing a number.
  • Smart locks that keep you informed: Upgrade your home’s security with smart locks that sync with your smartphone, allowing you to lock and unlock your doors remotely. Stay updated with notifications on access, monitor support workers’ arrival and keep you in the loop no matter where you are.

NDIS Participant Smart Lock Application. Easy to unlock, lock and check the status

Video doorbells: the new era of communication tailored to you

Video doorbells are a leap forward, offering you the convenience and security of seeing and speaking with visitors through your smartphone, tablet or assistant – without needing to approach the door. This technology is perfect for enhancing your independence and ensuring you can manage visitors on your terms even on days where mobility is an issue.

Commanding your home with tailored automation

The future of home control is here, and it’s tailored to your needs. From WiFi-enabled garage and electric gate upgrades to personalized air conditioning solutions and smart lighting systems, everything is designed with your convenience and comfort in mind:

Your personal remote control: WiFi garage & electric gate upgrades

Transform your smartphone into a universal remote for your garage and gates. With these smart upgrades, control is always at your fingertips, allowing you to manage access from anywhere in the world with sensors attached to ensure it’s closed.

Customized climate control: air conditioning solutions

Our air conditioning installations and upgrades offer you the ability to adjust your home’s temperature to your exact liking from anywhere, using your smartphone or even voice commands. Tailored to your needs, these systems are perfect for anyone sensitive to temperature variations or mobility issues, ensuring your environment is always comfortable.

Lighting that adapts to you: smart lighting & switches

Imagine setting and controlling your lighting through voice or phone. Whether mobility is a challenge or you’re ensuring your pathways are well-lit for safety, our smart lighting and switches adjust to your preferences, controllable remotely or via voice commands with the setup of a home assistant such as google home, amazon alexa or apple homekit.

The transformative impact of assistive technology

Integrating these assistive technologies into your life isn’t just about convenience; it’s a step towards redefining independence, safety, and comfort. At Smarter Homes Australia, we pride ourselves on tailoring these solutions to fit you perfectly, enhancing your ability to lead a life of freedom and ease.

Home Automation setup for NDIS participants in Queensland

Your personalized journey to empowerment

Our approach is deeply personalized. We don’t just install technology; we craft bespoke solutions that seamlessly integrate into your life. It’s a collaborative journey built on understanding, empathy, and innovation, all aimed at equipping you with the technology you need to thrive on your terms.

As we continue to unlock the endless possibilities of assistive technology, our commitment to enriching your life through innovation stands strong. We’re excited about a future where disability doesn’t limit your ability to secure, enjoy, and independently manage your living space.

Call to action: join us in creating a smart home world tailored to you

Our mission is about more than technology; it’s about fostering connections, breaking down barriers, and building a world that’s accessible and inclusive for all. At Smarter Homes Australia, we’re dedicated to creating not just smarter homes but a smarter, more inclusive society. This is your invitation to join us on this transformative journey, to be part of a movement that’s not only changing the way homes function but also enriching lives one innovation at a time.

Embrace the future of living with us. Reach out to Smarter Homes Australia today, and let’s start crafting a home that’s not just adapted to your needs but anticipates and fulfills them, ensuring a perfect blend of functionality, security, and comfort. Because we believe that everyone deserves a home that celebrates their independence and enhances their quality of life.

If you would like further information or to organise a free quote you can get in contact with us here. We look forward to supporting you through this journey!

NDIS Installation FAQs

  • How do I know if my NDIS plan covers these installations?

This is an excellent question for your Plan Manager, Support Worker or Occupational Therapist. We currently support all NDIS participants that are plan and self managed with their funding, however we cannot provide the approval that is required from your support team.

  • How can I learn how to use the systems that will be installed?

Our incredible team prides themselves in being patient, empathetic and great with educating our clients with their new installations. Each install comes with a complimentary education session after the install is complete so you and your support team can get the most out of their products. If further education in-person is requested, we can also arrange this at an additional fee.

  • What do I need before proceeding with an installation?

As a starting point, you’ll need approval from the appropriate person(s) if applicable to proceed with the work and wireless internet available at the place of installation. Once the approvals have been met and you’ve got a strong internet connection we’ll take care of the rest!

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