Burglars: Tips To Protecting Your Home

Brisbane, the sun-soaked capital of Queensland, Australia, is known for its vibrant lifestyle and picturesque landscapes. However, like any major city, it’s not immune to the risks of burglary. At Smarter Homes Australia, we are dedicated to enhancing home security and automation. Through our experience and research, we’ve gained valuable insights into the minds of burglars and what they look for when targeting your home or business.

Who are the burglars?

Burglars are often perceived as professional criminals, but the reality is more nuanced. Many are opportunistic thieves, and lately with the youth crime wave, they are an an underaged person(s) looking for easy targets. They come from various backgrounds and use a range of methods to break in. In Brisbane, we’ve seen everything from lone individuals to organised groups, however often it’s an opportunistic attempt at opening an unlocked door. 

What do burglars look for?

1. Easy access:

The primary factor that attracts burglars is easy access. Unlocked doors, open windows, and weak security systems are invitations for them. They prefer homes where they can enter and exit quickly. This can be circumvented using cameras with alarm functionality, smart locks, deadbolts, and internal alarm systems. 

2. Signs of absence:

Burglars often target homes that appear unoccupied. Accumulated mail, uncut lawns, and lack of lighting during the evening are clear signs that residents may be away. This can be easily circumvented with smart lighting and devices giving the appearance someone is home. 

3. Lack of security systems:

A home without a visible security system is more likely to be targeted. Modern burglars are aware of the presence of security cameras, alarms, and other home automation systems. The absence of these is a green light for them as it makes a home much easier than a counterpart with security systems installed. 

home security camera visible on the outside of a home installed by smarter homes australia

4. Valuables in sight:

Visible valuables through windows, like electronics, jewelry, and cash, tempt burglars. They often ‘case’ neighborhoods, looking through windows to identify easy and lucrative targets. Make sure to lock up things that are valuable to you and keep them out of line of sight. 

5. Secluded areas:

Properties with hidden entry points or obscured by high fences and overgrown vegetation offer safe spots for burglars to work unseen. If your property is extremely private either on a large block or with excellent fencing or trees, we highly recommend installing a security system to deter any unwanted visitors. 

Burglary trends in Brisbane

Brisbane has its unique set of challenges when it comes to burglary. In 2023, the total number of criminal offenses saw a 5% increase, with 463 more offenses recorded year on year. Specifically focusing on burglary-related statistics, there was an 11% increase in criminal offenses of Unlawful Entry, The Queensland Police Service reports fluctuating trends in burglary rates. The city’s sprawling suburbs with varying degrees of urban density present diverse opportunities for burglars. Seasonal factors also play a role, with spikes often seen during holidays and festive seasons when homes are either filled with new purchases or left vacant.

How Smarter Homes Australia is addressing these issues

At Smarter Homes Australia, we understand these challenges and have tailored our solutions to address them. Here’s how we are making homes in Brisbane safer:

1. Advanced security systems:

We offer state-of-the-art security systems that include CCTV cameras, Smart Wireless CamerasSmart Locks, and Alarms. These systems are not just deterrents but also provide real-time monitoring and alerts.

2. Home automation:

Integrating home automation enhances security. Automated lighting, for instance, can mimic occupancy, deterring burglars. Smart systems can also notify homeowners of any unusual activity, even when they are away.

3. Customised solutions:

Each home is unique, and so are its security needs. We provide customised security solutions tailored to the specific requirements and layout of each property.

4. Community awareness and education:

We believe in empowering the community with knowledge. Regular workshops and seminars on home security are part of our commitment to making Brisbane safer.

5. Collaboration with law enforcement:

Working closely with local law enforcement, we stay updated on the latest burglary trends and methods. This collaboration helps us in refining our strategies and technologies.

Prevention tips for homeowners

1. Secure your home:

Securing your home is the first line of defense against burglars. Here are some additional tips to enhance your home’s security:

  • Upgrade your locks: High-quality locks on all doors and windows are essential. Deadbolts, for instance, provide an extra level of security.
  • Smart Locks: These offer more control, allowing you to lock and unlock doors remotely and receive alerts on your phone.
  • Reinforce entry points: Consider adding window bars, security screens, or heavy-duty strike plates to make forced entry more difficult.
  • Visibility: Trim trees and shrubs near windows and doors to reduce hiding spots for burglars.
  • Lighting: Install motion-sensor lights around your property, particularly at entry points, to deter intruders.


a digital door lock installed by smarter homes australia enhances security to your home in brisbane

2. Install a smart security system:

A smart security system is a powerful deterrent for burglars. Consider the following enhancements:

  • Remote monitoring: Choose a system that allows you to monitor your home remotely through a smartphone app.
  • Integrated systems: Consider systems that integrate alarms, cameras, and motion sensors for comprehensive coverage.
  • Visible cameras: Make sure cameras are visible to potential intruders, as their presence can be a strong deterrent.
  • Professional monitoring: Consider a system that offers professional monitoring for added peace of mind.


3. Keep valuables out of sight:

Ensuring valuables aren’t easily visible can significantly reduce the temptation for burglars:

  • Use curtains and blinds: Keep them closed when you’re not at home to prevent people from peering inside.
  • Secure valuable items: Consider a safe or a lockable cabinet for jewelry, important documents, and other valuables.
  • Be discreet: Be mindful of what you throw away. Packaging of expensive items can attract unwanted attention if left outside.


4. Maintain your property:

A well-maintained property can give the impression of constant occupancy, deterring burglars:

  • Regular maintenance: Keep your lawn mowed and hedges trimmed. Overgrown gardens can signal an empty home.
  • Mail and deliveries: Have a neighbour collect your mail and packages if you’re away for an extended period.
  • Use timers: Employ timers to turn lights on and off at different times to simulate occupancy.


5. Be a part of the community:

Engaging with your community can be a powerful crime deterrent:

  • Neighbourhood watch: Join or start a neighbourhood watch program. These programs foster a sense of community and vigilance.
  • Communicate with neighbours: Inform trusted neighbours when you’ll be away so they can keep an eye on your property.
  • Share information: Exchange contact information with neighbours for quick communication in case of suspicious activities.


The future of home security in Brisbane

The future of home security is rapidly evolving, with technological advancements playing a key role. At Smarter Homes Australia, we are at the forefront of this evolution, constantly updating our systems and services. The integration of AI and machine learning in security systems is not far off, promising even more robust and intelligent security solutions.


Burglary is a complex problem, but understanding what burglars look for and implementing effective security measures can significantly reduce the risk. At Smarter Homes Australia, we are committed to providing Brisbane residents with the latest in home security and automation, ensuring peace of mind in a city we all love and cherish.

For more information on securing your home or to learn more about our services, visit Smarter Homes Australia or contact us directly. Together, let’s make Brisbane a safer place for everyone and deter unwanted visitors from your home or business.

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