Upgrading Safety for Domestic Violence Victims with Smart Technology

Domestic violence is a major social issue in Australia, affecting individuals and communities across our nation. According to the latest statistics from the ABS (Partner Violence), an estimated 4.2 million adults (21%) have experienced partner violence or abuse since the age of 15. These figures highlight the critical need for effective prevention strategies and support systems to protect and assist victims. The National Domestic Family and Sexual Violence Counselling Service (1800Respect) operates 24/7, providing counselling and help for those in need. Many other government and non-government agencies are also working hard to find solutions to this social issue. 

But what can be done on an individual level to ensure safety happens at home? 

Your home should be a safe haven, a place to relax and enjoy without feeling like your personal safety is under threat. Helping victims of domestic and family violence regain their sense of security and independence is the focus of this article. We’ll be exploring the role technology, through smart home devices, plays in providing solutions to this crisis. Let’s look at the particular smart home devices addressing this need.

Upgrading your security with home security cameras

Home security cameras can be a valuable tool in enhancing the safety of individuals at risk of domestic violence. The key benefits of installing a home security system include monitoring, deterrence and documentation.

Real-time monitoring:
By installing home security cameras, victims and their designated carers can monitor the home and surroundings from a safe place, whether that’s inside the home or remotely. This can help them identify potential threats and take appropriate action before they occur.

Deterrence of abusers:
The presence of a security camera is an effective deterrent to potential abusers. Knowing their actions are being recorded can make them think twice before engaging in abusive or reckless behaviour.

Documentation of actions:
Recorded footage from security cameras can serve as crucial evidence in legal proceedings. It can help law enforcement and courts understand the severity of the abuse and take necessary actions to protect the victim.

cctv camera installed in a house in brisbane to prevent domestic violence

What types of home security camera systems are available?

We provide three options for home security camera systems.

1. CCTV Cameras

CCTVs are the ultimate in home security camera systems. We recommend CCTV cameras for these reasons:

  • Stable connection: CCTV cameras are usually hardwired, which means they are less likely to experience signal interference or disruptions that can occur with wireless cameras.
  • 24/7 recording: CCTV systems provide 24/7 recording as opposed to the motion detection recording of wireless cameras which can catch things happening out of frame such as throwing things at the property or yelling. 
  • Larger storage capacity: CCTV systems can be connected to larger, dedicated storage devices, allowing for continuous recording over long periods without running out of space.
  • Enhanced privacy: Since CCTV cameras are wired and often part of a closed system, they are generally more secure from a privacy and hacking perspective.
  • Dependable power supply: Wired CCTV cameras are usually connected to a consistent power source, reducing the risk of footage loss.

    However, CCTV can be cost prohibitive to install, which is why we also provide a cost effective solution: wireless security cameras.

2. Wireless Security Cameras

If you need a security system with flexibility, ease of installation, and lower cost, wireless security cameras are a great solution. Here are some reasons why:

  • Easy installation: Wireless security cameras are easier and faster to install since they don’t require complex wiring. This makes them a convenient option for quick setup and a viable option for rental properties where the tenants may be moving in the near future. 
  • Flexibility: They can be placed almost anywhere within range of the Wi-Fi signal, allowing for versatile positioning and easier relocation. This is a great solution for renters.
  • Cost-effective: Wireless cameras are generally more affordable, especially when it comes to installation costs. With wireless cameras there’s no need to access internal wiring which can be considerable depending on the amount of construction work required.
  • Remote access: The wireless cameras we install all offer remote access via smartphone apps, enabling users to monitor their home in real-time from anywhere. CCTVs do this as well, but it’s worth pointing out this valuable feature is a standard in all wireless cameras too.
  • Advanced features: All our wireless cameras come with advanced features like motion detection, night vision, two-way audio, and cloud storage, enhancing overall security. You won’t need to compromise if you decide wireless is more suitable.
  • Scalability: It’s easy to expand a wireless security system by adding more cameras without the need for extensive wiring or infrastructure changes.
  • Integration with other Smart Home devices: Wireless security cameras often integrate well with other smart home devices and systems, allowing for a more comprehensive home automation and security solution.

3. Floodlight & Spotlight Security Cameras

Floodlight security cameras are similar to wireless cameras however, they are wired into power. For this reason, they offer all the same benefits of a wireless camera system, with a few extra advantages:

  • Enhanced deterrence: The bright floodlights can scare off potential intruders when motion is detected, adding a visible and immediate deterrent.
  • Improved visibility: Floodlights illuminate the area, providing clear video footage even in low-light conditions, which is crucial for identification at night time.
  • Easier installation: Floodlight cameras are often easier to install than a CCTV system since they typically don’t require extensive wiring and can replace existing exterior lights.
  • No Charging Required: Although wireless cameras can be paired with solar panels, the floodlight cameras guarantee no charge is ever needed.

Home security cameras are an integral part of a comprehensive safety plan for domestic violence victims. While they are not a stand-alone solution, they work in conjunction with other safety measures to provide a robust protective barrier. When combined with safety planning, support from domestic violence services, and legal measures, security cameras enhance the overall safety and well-being of the victim.

Are video camera doorbells an effective safety measure for victims of domestic violence?

video camera doorbell installed at a home in brisbane by smarter homes australia

The video camera doorbell, or smart doorbell, is an added layer of security helping victims feel more in control, protected and less vulnerable within their own home. These are some of the benefits a smart doorbell provides:

  • Visual monitoring: Being able to see who is at the door without opening it is a safe way to avoid unwanted visitors.
  • Recording evidence: The doorbell camera records all activity at the front door, which can provide valuable evidence if a victim is wanting to report harassment or a breach of a restraining order.
  • Remote access: All the smart video doorbell devices we install are app operated, enabling remote monitoring from anywhere and by others, such as carers.
  • Two-way communication: All our video doorbells include a two-way audio feature, allowing victims to communicate with visitors safely without having to open the door.
  • Alerts and notifications: Video doorbells send real-time alerts and notifications through the app, informing them of any activity at their door. These alerts can be sent to a number of phones, including carers or family members.
  • Deterrence: The presence of a visible camera can deter potential abusers from approaching the home, knowing they are being recorded.

These are the main reasons driving the requests we receive to install video camera doorbells to many homes across Brisbane and throughout SE Qld.

What level of security does a digital door lock provide to victims of domestic violence?

Digital door locks with deadbolts provide a strong barrier against unauthorised entry, allowing victims to feel safer in their own homes. All of the digital door locks we install come equipped with deadbolts. There are also other features of a smart door lock to consider when looking for home security solutions, such as the following:

  • Enhanced security: Digital door locks with deadbolts offer strong protection against forced entry, providing a secure barrier between the victim and potential threats.
  • Keyless entry: No keys eliminates the risk of keys being stolen or copied. Instead entry is via a code or even better, a fingerprint.
  • Access control: The ability to change codes or access permissions easily means that victims can quickly revoke access from anyone who should no longer have it. Or a temporary access code can be generated for trusted visitors or emergency responders.
  • Remote access: All of the digital door lock models we install can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app, allowing the door to be locked or unlocked from anywhere. This is especially critical when you want to let a trusted visitor in while you are away, without the need for a spare key.
  • Log record: Our smart door lock models keep a log of who enters and exits, and at what times. But they also keep a record of who and when someone attempted to enter without success. This helps keep track of any unauthorised access attempts.
  • Alarm integration: A comprehensive and fully connected home security system can be created by integrating the digital door lock with the home security device. This is typically done via a smart home assistant device like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. For more on this, check out our Smart Home Assistant installation page.smart lock with a dead bolt installed by smarter homes australia in a home in brisbane

Technology is helpful in the longer term but reaching out for help is your immediate first step

While technology can provide solutions at the home level, accessing help from the available resources is the priority. If you are in an abusive relationship, it’s important to get help and get to safety. If you are experiencing, have heard of, or witness domestic abuse contact the National Domestic Family and Sexual Violence Counselling Service 1800RESPECT. This service offers confidential information, counselling and support services 24/7, 7 days a week, every day of the year by calling 1800 737 732.

The Smarter Homes Australia commitment to assisting the victims of domestic violence by upgrading their home security

At Smarter Homes Australia, we’re dedicated to leveraging smart home technology to support victims of domestic violence, enhancing their safety and independence within their own homes. 

Our team has extensive experience with installing home security and home automation devices designed to upgrade the home security, whether these homes are owned or rentals. We’re sensitive to the needs of our customers and provide the utmost in privacy and sensitivity

Contact us to schedule your free quote. Our service is prompt and will be delivered with the utmost respect to you or your person under care. 

smarter homes australia installation team in brisbane

Home security for domestic violence victims FAQs

  • Can you provide support in funding for our security?

Unfortunately we cannot directly provide funding, however we recommend reaching out to Victim Assist or the organisation you are working with to help with funding.

  • Can you recommend any services for us to reach out to?

As a company, we work directly with a number of Domestic and Family Violence support organisations. Reaching out directly to Victim Assist on 1300 546 587 for support and linking you in with services is a great first step.

  • How does the process work?

I would recommend contacting your support organisation or Victim Assist directly to see if you are eligible for funding for security upgrades under any of the Government initiatives. If approved, you are welcome to contact us directly for an online or in person quote to submit for approval.

  • How quickly can I get my security installed?

We aim to complete all urgent installations within a 7-day time frame. However, depending on the current workload, it may take up to 2 weeks at most.

  • Can I provide access to my security cameras to friends and family?

Yes, you can share your security cameras with up to 5 people including friends and family.

  • Can the video footage from the security camera or video doorbell be used as evidence?

Our security systems on all our home security camera systems and video doorbells record with easy access to the footage, allowing you to submit any evidence required to the appropriate authorities.

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