Smart Home Devices Every Airbnb Home Needs

Would you like your Airbnb listing to stand out from the competition? Be the technologically advanced home, offering more convenience and better security? Get rave reviews from your guests for making their stay at your home easy and seamless? With the installation of some particular home automation and home security devices you can achieve this, and rise above the competition.

We’ll identify the key home automation and home security devices you can install, without breaking the bank. Integrating these technologies into your Airbnb property will not only be a great benefit to your renters, but also bring convenience and efficiency to operating your home as a business.

Which smart home devices are the best for your Airbnb guest? 

As an Airbnb host, you want your guests to have an unforgettable experience at your home. Home automation can be the secret to achieving this goal. By installing some home automation, tech savvy devices you can give them an experience beyond what they are commonly accustomed to. From the time they easily check themselves in, they can be enjoying conveniency and efficiency that stays with them long after their stay.

Here are our recommendations to make your Airbnb home be the best choice in the neighbourhood.

1. Easy check-in and check-out with the installation of a digital door lock

Install a digital door lock and let your guests check-in at a time that suits them. With a keyless entry system you won’t need to make any inconvenient arrangements to hand over the keys again. Renters can easily check in and check out when they need to by a digital code sent directly to their smartphones. And you simply set the code to expire on the day and time you have agreed the rental period to end. This also means not having to worry about lost keys again. When a guest has a personal code, they can easily share this with the rest of the guests, family or friends, within their approved circle. This is peace of mind for you and for them.

fingerprint digital door lock by eufy installed by smarter homes australia

2. Personalised comfort with a smart aircon system

With a smart climate control system your guests can set their ideal room temperature with ease. It’s summer and the temperature is shooting through the roof. Now they can remotely switch on the climate control system to start before getting back to your home. Upon arrival it will be nice and cool upon entry. It’s a cold, wintery day and your guests have been out all day exploring. They can easily set the smart climate control system to be at a warm, cosy temperature for when they arrive back at the house, after a long day of being outside in the cold. What a pleasurable environment you’ve provided for them to really relax and enjoy your home.

3. Set the mood with smart lighting 

Automated lighting systems allow guests to customise the ambiance and set the mood for their stay. Most guests are wanting to relax and unwind during their holidays. Give them control of the lighting and elevate their overall experience in your home. You can even pair it with your smart home assistant and let them control the lighting with their voice. If they don’t have this already at their home, they’ll be amazed at the convenience of it in yours.

4. Be the perfect host with a video doorbell 

Many people love entertaining when they’re on holidays. With a video doorbell installed you can tell your renters they can be the ultimate host and welcome their guests from wherever they are. They could be preparing food in the kitchen, setting the table for the party, getting dressed at the last minute or outside relaxing, as they should be. When their guests arrive, they’ll be notified to their phone, and can either be at the door to welcome them instantly, or acknowledge their presence and let them know they’ll be there right away. And take this up a notch, with a digital door lock. Now they can see they’ve arrived, unlock the door with the touch of a button, and let guests enter without having to meet them at the door.

5. Feel safe and secure with outdoor security cameras 

The safety of your guests is a huge priority. The last thing you want them to remember from their stay in your Airbnb home is the feeling of insecurity. We’ve already spoken about the convenience of a digital door lock. A smart lock also provides a higher level of security, when the need for keys is eliminated. Further enhance their feeling of security with the installation of a camera security system. This gives you the ability to monitor the property remotely and be on the look out for your guests, keeping them safe and secure while in your home. If anything unwanted happens you’ll be in the know and can deal with the situation promptly.

installing a home security camera in your airbnb home will bring your guests security.

6. Security and convenience with a smart garage or gate 

Offering the ability to open and close the garage or gate without a key or a fob is another feature that will delight your renters and make your home more desirable. A smart garage or gate brings an extra layer of security and comfort, knowing only they have opening and closing control. It’s also more convenient for your renters to not have to carry another key or remote opener, which can ultimately be lost or misplaced.

Which smart home devices make your job as an Airbnb owner more efficient?

In addition to elevating your guests’ experience, home automation of your Airbnb makes business sense. When control of your home is in your hands, and can easily be done remotely, you can reduce and possibly even cut out, the insane fees property managers demand. Let’s look at some of the ways you can reduce your operating costs with the installation of smart home devices.

1. Be there for your guests when needed

With our smart security camera installations, you can keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world. Outside security cameras act as a deterrent to potential intruders but they also help you stay informed of any unwanted activity. The idea is not to pry on your guests but to make them feel safe and secure while they stay in your home. Rather than relying upon a property manager to follow up at a later time, you can respond immediately and bring peace of mind to your guests instantly.

2. Improve efficiency and reduce costs with smart devices

When your home is automated you can run it more efficiently, from wherever you are. Check to see the aircon is turned off when your guests leave. You can check the status of the aircon through the app included with the installation of a smart aircon system.

3. Protect your home when vacant with security cameras 

There’ll be plenty of days when your home is without guests. This makes it a prime target for burglars. The installation of a security camera system will bring you the peace of mind during these vacant days. Just the presence alone of cameras is a deterrent, but it also gives you information in real-time if unwanted activity is occurring. And all our wireless security cameras include in-built alarms and spotlights to alert any unwanted visitors to your home that they are being watched and recorded.

Checking the front door is locked when your guests leave is also a helpful safety feature provided by a digital door lock. As soon as it’s locked, you’ll be notified. And with our fingerprint smart lock model, you can go one step further and set it to automatically lock for you.

4. Keyless entry makes your job easier

Imagine not having to worry about keys again. How many times have you replaced a lost key?  Isn’t it a hassle to arrange for the keys to be handed over or picked up at the end of the rental period? Do you worry about someone being able to copy your key and use it some other time? A digital door lock eliminates this stress. All you need to do is send your renters a code and hey presto, they can check in when they need to. Do this easily from wherever you are, even if out of the area, state or country. Set an exact time so they can’t enter earlier. Once the period is over, revoke the code, making it impossible to open the door after that set time. All from the app included with the digital door lock. This is also the case with the smart garage or gate opener. Now who needs a property manager when you have complete control from your phone…

5. Minimise property damage

Sometimes you need to protect your property from the guests themselves. Misuse or damage to your rental is one of the biggest hassles for Airbnb owners. You might have rules about the number of guests a guest can invite to your home. If you aren’t there to monitor this, it can get out of hand. Your renter is on holiday after all and just wanting to have a good time which can mean not concerning themselves about protecting your home and it’s contents. A digital door lock can reduce this risk, as you’ll be notified of the number of times the front door is opened. Maybe they have a party and something gets damaged. You can check how many people entered your home and with this information you have the facts to discuss the situation with your renter. Or use the recordings from the video doorbell and you’ll have the visuals to support your case.

video doorbell camera by eufy installed by smarter homes australia for security at your airbnb property

Investing in your Airbnb success

As an Airbnb host, it’s essential to provide guests with an incredible experience. These technologies we’ve outlined in this article make your property more appealing, efficient, and secure, ensuring your Airbnb stands out from the crowd of other listings. Your reward will be better reviews, higher rankings on the listings, and repeat guests wanting to rebook their time with you again. This is the reason you have an Airbnb home after all, to maximise it’s value while you minimise the running expenses. So consider the installation of the home automation and security systems an investment in your investment.

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Making Your Airbnb Home a Smart Home FAQs

Some people worry about privacy and indoor cameras. Will installing them have a negative effect?

Yes it’s true some renters don’t like the idea of security cameras inside. For an Airbnb or holiday home, this is why we recommend installing outdoor cameras, to protect your guests from their holiday being ruined by an intruder. Indoor cameras can provide you, as the owner, with a level of security, especially if your property is in a location where people often like to party. If you do decide to install indoor cameras, you can let your guests know they can be turned off during their stay, in respect to their privacy.

Do I need to have a certain level of wifi to operate these smart devices?

Having top level wifi while on holidays is a must. It’s probably one of the most common questions people ask before booking. With your quality wifi set up, you won’t have any problems operating the smart devices we’ve recommended. And with a smart home assistant like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit, all your smart home devices  can be operated with a single app. Share this with your guest to use and take their stay to another level of relaxation!

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