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Smart AirCon controller installations

Manage your home's climate with ease

Upgrade your current cooling and heating systems to a smart system using innovative technology that can be retrofitted to any split system with an infrared remote. All the benefits of a smart air conditioner at a fraction of the price!

Smart AirCon controller INSTALLATION

Climate control from anywhere

Does your split system air conditioner have the capability to be regulated from wherever you are? Imagine you’re out shopping and forgot to turn off the aircon. You’re at the office, its super hot, the pets are inside. Or you’re about to drive home and would like to walk into a cool house. All this is possible with the installation of a smart aircon controller.

with the installation of a smart aircon device you can control the temperature of the room from your mobile phone app

energy saver

Efficiently comfortable day & night

With an upgraded smart aircon you can operate your house efficiently, reducing your energy bill in the process. By setting the smart scheduler, your aircon runs only when needed, reducing unnecessary energy use. Activate the climate react feature and the aircon monitors the environmental conditions in real time, adjusting to maintain your ideal comfort level, whilst delivering energy efficiency.

widely compatible

Retrofit your existing system

Our aircon controllers are compatible with any air conditioner that uses an infrared remote control. This includes types like split systems, window units and portable AC’s. Ask us and we’ll quickly run a check to make sure your aircon is compatible.   

controlling the split system aircon with a smart aircon controller installed by smarter homes australia
a smart aircon controller installed by smarter homes australia is voice activated by google, apple and amazon

smart home assistant connection

Activate your aircon by voice

Want to control your aircon by talking to it? Our smart aircon controller seamlessly integrates with the major Smart Home assistants – Google Home, Apple Home and Amazon Alexa. Now all control is at the command of your voice. 

cost efficient

All inclusive pricing

Pricing for the smart aircon controller upgrade starts as little as $549, all inclusive. No ongoing management fees, No monthly subscription fees to utilise the main functions. We don’t just install and go either. No matter which service you need we will also provide you with detailed product training and education. 


Experienced, local, efficient & friendly

We believe everyone deserves a safer and smarter home. This is why we started Smarter Homes Australia, bringing peace of mind to homeowners across Sth East Qld.

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Make your home safer & smarter.

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