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Smart Intercom System Installations

Our innovative intercom systems allows you reliability and convenience allowing you to answer the door from anywhere in the world via a free app.

Crystal Clear Footage

Live feed video and audio straight to your front door or gate so you can see who’s there.

No Ongoing Fees or Subscription Costs

Notifications sent directly to your phone or tablet with our free app.

Innovative Technology

Low-profile indoor monitor & weather proof door stations for durable reliability.

Wired Intercom System

Our wired intercom system allows you to view all visitors on the sleek touchscreen internal monitor or via the app from your phone.

Perfect for updating your old, outdated intercom system with a a crisp HD-quality product that connects seamlessly to a free app on your phone. 

Suitable for new builds, home renovations and an upgrade to your currently installed intercom system. 

wired video doorbell system

Customer Features & Pricing

Our customers have been raving about the Smart Wired Intercom. The system is perfect for upgrading your old, outdated intercom system or if you are building your new home. The system comes standard with a range of excellent features including a free phone app allowing you to answer the door from anywhere, a sleek tablet-style indoor monitor and connectivity options to your electric gate or electric gate latch. 

Pricing for the Smart Intercom System is dependent on your current setup and the model you are looking for. Pricing starts at $1499 for a direct swap-out of your current intercom and varies depending on your desired outcomes.

Don’t just get security, get smart security. Contact us today for your free on-site quote. 


Pedestrian & Electric Gate Access

Link our Smart Intercom with your pedestrian or electric gate to open it from a keypad or the free app.

Perfect for New Builds or Upgrading

Perfect to upgrade your existing intercom or install on your new home.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The sleek indoor monitors link directly to your wireless network so you get notified in real-time.

Make your home safer & smarter.

Contact us today and we'll make it happen.

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