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Smart Lighting Packages

Control the lighting in your home from anywhere via our subscription-free app on your phone.  Our Smart Lighting Packages allow any of your current lights to be upgraded to provide complete control allowing you to dim and adjust the warmth and colour settings without the expensive switches.


Customised Lighting

Choose your style, dimming with multiple colours and moods available.

Control with Voice or App

Control all lights with your device from anywhere using your voice or the app.

Personalise Your Home

Automate your home lighting with an incredible range of functionality.

Perfect your ambience

Set the mood with our Smart Home Packages.. A smart lighting system. that allows a complete range of functionality, ultimately changing the entire lighting experience in your home.  

Deter crime using remote control automation allowing you to appear you’re at home from anywhere in the world. Set your automations and timers to deter anyone from entering your home while you’re away.

Pricing from $150 per bulb. Contact us today for a quote.

Customer Features & Pricing

Customers have been loving our smart lighting upgrades. Convenience, improved energy efficiency, and incredible automations are some of the many reasons homes and businesses are opting for smart lighting.

Our Smart Lighting Packages can be installed in as many or as few bulbs in the house as you prefer. All lighting upgrades allow you to fully control the colour and dim level of the bulbs without having to upgrade switches throughout your home. Our smart lighting quotes include supply, installation and setup on all devices with pricing starting at $250 for the setup and an additional $150 per bulb.

With all of the incredible features as well as improved energy efficiency, upgrading your home’s most-used lighting can be a great way to improve your home. To book in installation, simply contact us with the number of bulbs you are looking to upgrade as well as the type of bulbs (or a picture!) and we’ll get you booked in today!


Large Range of Options

Wide-range of lighting available including bulbs, lamps, light strips and accessories.

Seamless Compatibility

Integrates perfectly with Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa to improve functionality.

Improved Security

Control your lighting from anywhere in the world to mimic the appearance of being home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. There aren’t any subscription or ongoing fees with any of our product offerings. We believe that once you have gone through us for installation, there should be nothing more to pay.

There are many benefits to our Smart Lighting Packages including:

Convenience: Lights can be controlled remotely using a smartphone app, voice assistants or a smart home hub.

Personalization: Users can create their own custom lighting scenes or choose from pre-set options to match their mood or activity.

Energy Efficiency: The bulbs use LED technology, which is more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, resulting in cost savings over time.

Home Security: Hue lights can be set to turn on and off at certain times or triggered by motion, making it seem like someone is home even when they’re not.

If your internet is down or you don’t have the app available, you can always use the lighting as you would have previously. Your switches will still operate and function as normal.

Smart Lighting can be great for home security as they are able to be operated from anywhere at any time. Setting different automations or controlling your lights while out of the house or travelling can be a great way to give the perception someone is home to any unwanted visitors.

Great question, not all lighting needs to be changed to red, blue and yellow. You can simply change the warmth or coolness or the light bulb giving it a softer feel in your home, compared to the heavily white or overly yellow aesthetics of standard lightbulbs. 

Absolutely, we can setup either an indoor or outdoor motion sensor to pair with your smart lighting. This will act as a sensor light and can even turn on internal lights if an outdoor area is accessed. Perfect for convenience and security!

“Your peace of mind is priceless”


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