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Smart Switches Installation

Transform your home into a smart, connected living space

With Smart Switches, your home becomes a model of modern efficiency and seamless connection. A home where eco-friendly living meets effortless convenience.


Ultimate convenience

Experience unparalleled  convenience with the installation of Smart Switches. No need to flip switches manually. Your lights are now linked into a single system, giving you complete control through your voice or the free app included. 

black smart switch on a purple wall installed by smarter homes australia
amazon alexa, apple homekit and google assistant are smart home assistants that can be set up by smarter homes australia


Easy WiFi set up

Pair with Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant with no WiFi Bridge or Hub required!


Control, no matter where you are

Dim your lights to create an ambiance or switch them on or off to save energy. This is possible from any location, even when you’re out of the country. 

smart switches allows remote control of home lighting even when travelling
smart switch panel installed on a white wall inside a home in brisbane by smarter homes australia


Stylish & elegant

No need to sacrifice aesthetics for convenience and efficiency. Our Smart Switch designs are modern, stylish and sleek. Available in white and black. 


Experienced, local, efficient & friendly

We believe everyone deserves a safer and smarter home. This is why we started Smarter Homes Australia. 

  • Locally owned and operated in Queensland
  • Years of experience and highly professional
  • Friendly and considerate team with excellent communication
  • Free quotes and advice

Smart Switches FAQs

Not at all. There aren’t any subscription or ongoing fees with any of our product offerings. We believe that once you have gone through us for installation, there should be nothing more to pay.

A smart switch is an internet-connected electrical switch that can be controlled remotely using a smartphone app, voice assistant or a smart home hub. It can be used to turn lights or other appliances on and off or to adjust the brightness, color or temperature.

We always recommend hiring us or a qualified electrician to install and setup the smart switches for you.

Smart switches can be great for home security as they are able to be operated from anywhere at any time. Setting different automations or controlling your lights while out of the house or travelling can be a great way to give the perception someone is home to any unwanted visitors.

Smart switches offer a range of benefits including convenience, energy efficiency, customization, and increased home security. They can be controlled remotely, saving energy and money on bills, and can be tailored to suit your needs.

No. the smart switches we use are controlled using a smartphone app or a voice assistant without the need for a hub. However, if you have multiple smart devices in your home, a smart home hub can simplify control and create advanced automations. 

Make your home safer & smarter.

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