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Wireless Security Camera System Installations

Protect your home and loved ones.

Our home security systems help prevent crime and deter unwanted visitors. View your home easily with our free app no matter where you are.

You'll always be alerted

AI for human detection so you get accurate notifications via the free app with no subscription fees.

See the detail

High-definition recording and smart image enhancements for exceptional quality.

Alarm & Spotlight Built In

Alarm System and Spotlight built in as standard to further deter unwanted visitors.

Wireless Security Camera System

Whether it’s midnight or midday, record in crisp colour and high-definition resolution with our wireless smart camera systemBuilt-in spotlights illuminate your surroundings at night and allows you to see the whole picture in colour clarity. An in-built alarm system allows you to deter any unwanted visitors before they enter your home.

Our wireless smart cameras store footage to the cloud which is accessible anytime, anywhere, via the free app and a secure encrypted connectionConnect your devices to Amazon Alexa, Google or Apple HomeKit for complete control over your surveillance.  Pricing for the wireless camera system starts at $649 Including GST.

Customer Features & Pricing

Our customers have been raving about our wireless camera system as being the best budget-friendly option on the market, especially for those with no ceiling access or more than 2 stories. 

Our wireless security camera system comes standard with a range of great features including an in-built alarm system and sensor light. Our quotes include supply, installation and setup on all devices as well as ongoing support. Pricing for the wireless system is as follows:

  • 1 Smart Wireless Camera System w. Homebase – $649 Including Installation & Setup.
  • 2 Smart Wireless Camera System w. Homebase – $899 Including Installation & Setup.
  • 3 Smart Wireless Camera System w. Homebase – $1149 Including Installation & Setup.
  • 4 Smart Wireless Camera System w. Homebase – $1399 Including Installation & Setup.

If you would prefer to not have to worry about charging your wireless camera system, you can also opt for the continuous charge solar panels for $160 each per camera which provides continuous charge.

Don’t just get security, get smart security. Contact us to book in your installation today!

Turn Night Into Day

Infrared night vision with an in-built spotlight providing illumination.

Military Grade Encryption

AES-128 data encryption ensures your footage is kept private.

security camera outside house installed by Smarter Homes Australia

All Weather Performance

IP67 weather-proof for excellent performance rain, hail or shine.

Wireless Security Camera FAQ's

Not at all. There aren’t any subscription or ongoing fees with any of our product offerings. We believe that once you have gone through us for installation, there should be nothing more to pay.

The Smart Wireless Cameras lasts for 3 to 4 months without needing a charge. The system can simply be charged by either taking the cameras down from the customised bracket or running the cable we provide for you directly to the camera.  If you decide to go with the continuous charge solar panels, as long as we are getting ample sun on the panel there should be no need for a charge at all.

For you to get the most out of your Wireless Camera system, we will need to have a decent connection to WiFi, this will be fine for 99% of homes with the internet. If you are noticing your WiFi signal isn’t the best in some locations, we can always look at boosters or extenders to improve this for you.

If your internet goes down the cameras will no longer record, however, a key thing to remember is often your WiFi signal has only slowed down as opposed to being turned off completely. In this situation, the cameras will still work without any issues, there may just be a delay in recording.

Absolutely, you can arm, disarm and even change the schedule of the alarm system built into the cameras from anywhere in the world. This can be great if you’re going away or you want to keep your home safe during working hours. The alarm itself will siren directly from the cameras and internally via the homebase as well.  The cameras even include a powerful spotlight!

Yes, you will receive notifications straight to your phone of any human movement. The cameras themselves have in-built AI technology to detect humans specifically so you aren’t constantly being notified of pets or if trees blow in the wind.

“Your peace of mind is priceless”


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