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Lights, camera, deter the action...

With a wired, floodlight security camera system installed, you’ll feel safer knowing your home’s under your watchful eye. Raise the alertness with a motion- activated floodlight, built-in alarm and voice capability and you’ve upgraded to an all-in-one, security system deterrent.


The all-in-one security system

The motion-activated floodlight, built-in alarm and audio talk capability gives you the power to stop activity before it happens. These extra features turns your 2K video camera into a smart, all-in-one security system. 


Hardwired, no interruptions

Our floodlight security camera systems are hardwired, supplying the device with continuous power. Enjoy the reliability of an excellent system wired directly in to power, allowing you to record 365 days a year, without missing a beat.

real-time notifications

Be alerted immediately

Our premium wired floodlight security cameras come with an easy to use app, keeping you aware of activity through your mobile device with no ongoing subscription fees. With knowledge comes the power to act accordingly and safely. 

ai motion detection

Only human activity matters

Human detection AI technology enables the camera to intelligently detect body shapes. After all, nobody needs to worry when a tree sways or an animal wanders past. 

low maintenance

Weatherproof, battery-free

Our premium wired floodlight security cameras are built for the outdoors, designed for longevity and durability. Being wired to your power supply means no more battery changes. And the materials are high grade, outdoor resistant, able to withstand rain, hail or shine. 

the wired floodlight camera security system installed by smarter homes australia is a high definition camera for high resolution pictures


See the necessary details

With a camera quality at 2K resolution, you’ll see exactly who’s there, in full colour and crisp clarity. And with a floodlight, turn night into day for even better vision and improved security. 

smart security

Upgrade to lights + security

Have existing outdoor flood or spotlighting? Switch these to the Eufy floodlight security system and now you do more than just light up the situation. You actively deter unwanted activity with the capability to see, record and activate an alarm siren, all in real-time.  

smart floodlight installed on a home in brisbane by smarter homes australia
floodlight security camera testing by smarter homes australia installation expert


Licensed company & installers

With our team of licensed security installers and electricians, you’re in excellent hands. We want you to feel confident the job will be done right, the first time. To back our quality, we offer 1 year warranty on both product and installation. We’re also proud members of the Australian Security Industry Association (ASIAL) and holders of a class 2 security firm license. 


All surfaces & locations

We’ve installed wired floodlight security camera systems in homes around Brisbane and across South-East QLD. No matter the surface, the location or the unique situation, our expert installers will find a solution to suit your set up. Check out our Floodlight security camera gallery to see just some of the jobs we’ve completed successfully. 

wired floodlight security cameras installed by smarter homes australia on homes and businesses in brisbane

cost efficient

All inclusive pricing

A high-tech, all-in-one camera and alarm security system shouldn’t be cost prohibitive. Our pricing includes the devices, installation, programming and training. To upgrade your current external lights to the floodlight security system, we offer these premium Eufy models:

  • Eufy Floodlight 2K – $899 Including installation & setup by our licensed expert electricians.
  • Eufy Floodlight 2K Pro- $1199 Including installation & setup by our licensed expert electricians. 

why choose us?

Experienced, local, efficient & friendly

We believe that everyone deserves a safer and smarter home. This is why we started Smarter Homes Australia. 

  • Locally owned and operated in Queensland
  • Years of experience and highly professional
  • Friendly and considerate team with excellent communication
  • Free quotes and advice

Floodlight & Spotlight Security Cameras FAQs

Not at all. There aren’t any subscription or ongoing fees with any of our product offerings. We believe that once you have gone through us for installation, there should be nothing more to pay.

The Wired Floodlight Cameras are wired straight into power but the camera itself operates off the home Wi-Fi Network. CCTV cameras are all data cabled back to a single recording box (NVR) and record as a local system. The benefits of the floodlight cameras are their exceptional quality, powerful floodlights and motion detection recording. Please note, the floodlight cameras do not record 24/7 like the CCTV cameras. 

For you to get the most out of your Wireless Camera system, we will need to have a decent connection to WiFi, this will be fine for 99% of homes with the internet. If you are noticing your WiFi signal isn’t the best in some locations, we can always look at boosters or extenders to improve this for you.

You do not need to have existing wiring, however it does make it much more cost-effective for us to directly swap out your existing sensor lights or outdoor lighting for the Wired Floodlight Cameras. Our qualified electricians will be able to run new wiring if this isn’t available, however this will come at an additional cost.

Absolutely, you can arm, disarm and even change the schedule of the alarm system built into the cameras from anywhere in the world. This can be great if you’re going away or you want to keep your home safe during working hours. The alarm itself will siren directly from the cameras and internally via the homebase as well.  The cameras even include a powerful spotlight!

Yes, you will receive notifications straight to your phone of any human movement. The cameras themselves have in-built AI technology to detect humans specifically so you aren’t constantly being notified of pets or if trees blow in the wind.

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