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Wired Floodlight Security Cameras (240V)

Our Wired-into-power security cameras are technically still a wireless camera as they speak and upload footage wirelessly while being wired into 240v power. This allows all the benefits and flexibility of a wireless camera without the need for a charge.

All systems include high definition footage accessible at any time from your smart device. AI technology which directly notifies you of any visitors as well as the added functionality of an in-built spotlight to warn trespassers that they are under surveillance. 

Accurate Alerts 24/7

AI for human detection so you get accurate notifications via the free app with no subscription fees.

Crystal-Clear Smart Imaging

High-definition recording and smart image enhancements for exceptional quality.

Alarm & Powerful Floodlights

Alarm System and floodlights are built in as a standard to further deter unwanted visitors.

Floodlight Security Camera System

The wired floodlight camera systems record in crisp high-definition colour. With the added benefit of a built-in floodlight and alarm system providing significant lighting and an excellent deterrent for any property. 

The Floodlight Camera Systems are wired directly into 240V power and can be an excellent addition to any home looking to swap out their existing outdoor lighting. Pricing for the floodlight cameras start at $899 per unit for a direct swap out by our qualified electricians.

Customer Features & Pricing

The perfect addition for any home looking to improve their security. The wired floodlight cameras can replace any existing outdoor lighting or wired cameras to provide 2K crystal-clear footage and active deterrence systems including floodlighting and a built-in siren alarm.

Both the standard and pro versions of the floodlight cameras come standard with a range of great features including free local storage with no ongoing subscription fees, built in AI to detect human movement only so you get the notifications that matter and much more. The Eufy Pro Model includes a 360* pan and tilt with live target tracking, adjustable lighting temperature and additional local storage (20 days vs 30 days motion storage).

Pricing for the installation of our floodlight cameras as a standard swap out from a current light or external powered object are below:

  • Eufy Floodlight 2K – $899 Including installation & setup by our licensed expert electricians.
  • Eufy Floodlight 2K Pro- $1199 Including installation & setup by our licensed expert electricians. 

If you would like to get these installed at a location where there is no current wiring please contact us directly for a quote. Don’t just get security, get smart security. Contact us to book in your installation today!

Swap Your Existing Lights

Swap out your existing outdoor lights for a powerful spotlight and camera system. 

Connects directly to Wi-Fi

The Floodlight Camera Range connects directly to Wi-Fi with encrypted storage.

All Weather Performance

IP65 weather-proof for excellent performance rain, hail or shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. There aren’t any subscription or ongoing fees with any of our product offerings. We believe that once you have gone through us for installation, there should be nothing more to pay.

The Wired Floodlight Cameras are wired straight into power but the camera itself operates off the home Wi-Fi Network. CCTV cameras are all data cabled back to a single recording box (NVR) and record as a local system. The benefits of the floodlight cameras are their exceptional quality, powerful floodlights and motion detection recording. Please note, the floodlight cameras do not record 24/7 like the CCTV cameras. 

For you to get the most out of your Wireless Camera system, we will need to have a decent connection to WiFi, this will be fine for 99% of homes with the internet. If you are noticing your WiFi signal isn’t the best in some locations, we can always look at boosters or extenders to improve this for you.

You do not need to have existing wiring, however it does make it much more cost-effective for us to directly swap out your existing sensor lights or outdoor lighting for the Wired Floodlight Cameras. Our qualified electricians will be able to run new wiring if this isn’t available, however this will come at an additional cost.

Absolutely, you can arm, disarm and even change the schedule of the alarm system built into the cameras from anywhere in the world. This can be great if you’re going away or you want to keep your home safe during working hours. The alarm itself will siren directly from the cameras and internally via the homebase as well.  The cameras even include a powerful spotlight!

Yes, you will receive notifications straight to your phone of any human movement. The cameras themselves have in-built AI technology to detect humans specifically so you aren’t constantly being notified of pets or if trees blow in the wind.

“Your peace of mind is priceless”


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