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Always know who or what's at the front door

With a wireless video doorbell installed, you’ll be able to see who’s at the door, know when a package has been delivered, or be notified when suspicious activity is going on. All from wherever you are, in the house or away from it. 


Welcome guests right away

With a wireless camera doorbell installed, you’ll be instantly notified when your visitors arrive at your front door or gate. Give them a warm welcome with a ‘hi’ through the audio, even before you open the door. 

the eufy video doorbell app allows you to see who is at the front door from your phone. At Smarter homes australia we provide this free app with installation of a video doorbell.


Stay alert to every activity

Want to know what’s going on as soon as it happens? Or determine if they’re a wanted visitor or not? No need to open the door to find out anymore. By announcing your awareness through the audio, whoever is there knows you know of their presence. With the ability to see, home security just got better. Imagine the added peace of mind, knowing your child won’t open the door to every knock.


No more packages out in the open

With real-time notification of your package arrival, you can safely bring it inside, before anyone notices it. And the presence of a visible video doorbell, deters potential thieves, worried about being caught and recorded in the act.

the eufy smart camera doorbell installed by smarter homes australia allows you to see who is at the door through the app


Monitor activity from anywhere

Through the free app, included with your wireless camera doorbell installation, you’ll be instantly aware of any activity at your front door. Notice your kids getting home, chat with your guests, see a package being delivered, alert a potential threat you are watching. All on your device, from wherever you are.


Get the complete picture

For vision top to bottom, we have the eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual Camera available to install. Now you’ll have visibility at the face level and the ground level, giving you the complete picture via a split screen display. (Note: This feature is available on the 2K Dual Camera Video Doorbell model)

the eufy video camera doorbell high definition resolution as installed by smarter homes australia


Crystal clear vision

The cameras in all our models come equiped with built-in Sony 2K sensor and professional-grade lens. With this crystal clear clarity, you’ll identify who’s at the door in a split-second. And just like a digital camera, it also doubles as a recorder. Any movement within the designated zone is captured in high resolution 2K vision.


Sleek design suits any style

We’ve installed video doorbells in homes and businesses across South-East QLD. Our team of installation experts will find a solution to suit your unique style. Check out our gallery of video doorbell installations to see what’s possible. 


All inclusive pricing

With the installation of a video doorbell, you get more than a glorified chime. Our video doorbells include a Homebase, upgrading the capability of the camera to a wireless video recorder. And our pricing is all inclusive, meaning no ongoing fees or subscription costs. Our free app, included with every model, is all you need to stay informed. 

Pricing starts from $599. Includes installation, setup & programming

  • 2K Video Doorbell – $599 Includes installation, setup & programming
  • 2K Video Doorbell with Dual Camera – $749 includes installation, setup & programming


More than a video doorbell

This video camera doorbell is feature rich! Check out the motion detection light that switches on to illuminate the front door area, helping you see better in the dark and keeping you safe. 


Experienced, local, efficient & friendly

We believe everyone deserves a safer and smarter home. This is why we started Smarter Homes Australia. 

  • Locally owned and operated in Queensland
  • Years of experience and highly professional
  • Friendly and considerate team with excellent communication
  • Free quotes and advice

Video Camera Doorbell FAQs

Not at all. There aren’t any subscription or ongoing fees with any of our product offerings. We believe that once you have gone through us for installation, there should be nothing more to pay.

The 2K Video Doorbell gets around 6-12 months on a single charge depending on usage. It can easily be charged with a cable we provide for you and you will receive plenty of notifications if the batteries get low.

If your internet is down the doorbell will function as a standard doorbell which will chime inside your home. The doorbell won’t have access to the application though so you won’t be able to answer the door remotely.

The doorbell is installed on a strong bracket at your front door or gate making it extremely difficult for it to be moved. We have installed hundreds of doorbells to date and not a single one has been stolen, taken down, or vandalised as they are as strong as most intercom units.

Yes! The Video Doorbell doubles as a camera and records any movement of people walking past as well as anyone that rings the doorbell itself. You will also be notified of movement which can be helpful, especially at night.

Yes, we can install the wireless doorbell at any location you prefer, as long as there is WiFi signal.

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