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Camera Doorbell Installation

Answer the door from anywhere with our wireless video doorbell installation.

Crystal Clear Footage

Wireless 2K Live feed video and audio straight to your front door or gate so you can see who’s there.

No Ongoing Fees or Subscription Costs

Notifications sent directly to your phone or tablet with our free app.

Innovative Technology

Low-profile, weather proof door stations for durable reliability.

Wireless Doorbell System

Never miss a knock with our Smart Wireless Video Doorbell. Instantly receive alerts straight to your phone of any activity at your front door.

The 2K Video doorbell allows you to pre-record responses or talk in real time to any visitors to improve the safety and convenience of your home.

Record footage straight to your phone when the sensor is triggered on human movement and feel secure with military-grade encryption on recordings.  Pricing from $599 including installation and setup.

Customer Features & Pricing

Perfect for homeowners and businesses, our customers love the convenience and added security of the wireless doorbell. Not only does it allow you to answer the door from anywhere in the world, it’s always got crystal clear camera quality and crisp 2-way audio.  All of our doorbells also include a homebase which allows it to double as a wireless camera, recording anyone that walks to your front door. 

The wireless doorbell can be retrofitted to any home with a WiFi connection allowing you to get the benefits of an intercom system, without the cost and challenges associated with wiring. 

Pricing for the wireless doorbell is $599 which includes supply, installation and setup on all devices as well as detailed training on how to use the product. 

Don’t just get security, get smart security. Contact us to book in your installation today!

Encrypted Recording Storage

The military-grade AES-256 chip ensures data is encrypted on transmission and storage.

"Show Me Who's at the Front Door"

Connect your wireless doorbell with Google Home or Amazon Alexa for perfect integration.

Smart Detection Zones

Set your Smart Detection Zones so you’re only being notified when it matters.

Video Camera Doorbell FAQ's

Not at all. There aren’t any subscription or ongoing fees with any of our product offerings. We believe that once you have gone through us for installation, there should be nothing more to pay.

The 2K Video Doorbell gets around 6-12 months on a single charge depending on usage. It can easily be charged with a cable we provide for you and you will receive plenty of notifications if the batteries get low.

If your internet is down the doorbell will function as a standard doorbell which will chime inside your home. The doorbell won’t have access to the application though so you won’t be able to answer the door remotely.

The doorbell is installed on a strong bracket at your front door or gate making it extremely difficult for it to be moved. We have installed hundreds of doorbells to date and not a single one has been stolen, taken down, or vandalised as they are as strong as most intercom units.

Yes! The Video Doorbell doubles as a camera and records any movement of people walking past as well as anyone that rings the doorbell itself. You will also be notified of movement which can be helpful, especially at night.

Yes, we can install the wireless doorbell at any location you prefer, as long as there is WiFi signal.

“Your peace of mind is priceless”


SHA acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live. We pay our respects to Elders’ past, present, and emerging, and celebrate the diversity of the First Nations People and their continuing connection to land, water, and community. We support the Uluru Statement From the Heart and acknowledge that Sovereignty has not been ceded.  SHA is an inclusive service to all eligible members of the community experiencing domestic, family, or sexual violence. People of all ages and abilities, all religious, ethnic, and sexual minorities are welcome here.

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