How Can You Improve Your Home Security?

Did you know, over 4.3% of Australian households experienced either a break-in or attempted break-in during the last 12 months?  That equates to over 400,000 break-in events nationally in a single year. It’s important to think about your home security and make sure you’re doing the best you can to deter unwanted visitors and feel safe in your home.

When considering different elements of security, there is a long list of things to consider. For simplicity, I have summarised our top 5 categories below.


Police Recommendations

The recent ‘Coffee With a Cop’ initiative across Brisbane has been an incredible initiative to allow members of the community to discuss their key concerns with local police offers. A kind member of the community has allowed me to share the top tips they received from police officers at the event.
“Police reported that there has been an increase in property crimes in the area and statewide. The vast majority of break-ins are opportunistic and preventable, with cars and houses being left unlocked. Perpetrators are searching for things they can quickly grab.
The top tips from the police were as follows:
– Lock your doors, windows, and garage – even when home. 🔒
– Don’t leave your garage clicker in your car. 🚗
– Don’t leave your car keys and valuables near the front door or in obvious places. 🔐
– Don’t leave your “keyless entry” car key fob near the front door as they can be scanned from outside the house. 🏡”

As a final note for this section, always report suspicious activity to the police. 000 in an emergency or 131 444 otherwise. Don’t just post on social media – tell the police too. Police have increased patrols in many areas across Queensland and are using the data to target and disrupt potential criminals.


Security Cameras (CCTV)

As time moves forward security cameras are becoming a much more viable option for homeowners due to their decreased price and exceptional quality. It’s our big hefty goal and mission to provide every home across South-East Queensland with security cameras to help deter unwanted criminals across the state. It’s a big goal but every week we are getting closer to achieving this by expanding our offering and providing a great range to suit everyone’s needs. You can check out our page on security cameras here.

Studies show that Security cameras (CCTV) are a great addition to both deter criminals from your home and overall increase the safety of your neighborhood. One study demonstrated that the prevalence of CCTV in a suburb can reduce crime by 13% compared to other areas without security cameras at all. 


Alarm Systems

Alarm systems can be a great secondary to security cameras as an added deterrent to protect your home. Generally, we try and provide cameras as an active external deterrent to stop anyone from breaching the property. Many cameras now come with the option of in-built alarm systems and sensor lights to further deter any unwanted visitors from your home or business.

Studies have also shown that alarm systems can be a great addition internally and can act as a further deterrence for anyone that isn’t bothered by external cameras. The loud siren of an alarm system is often enough to alert you or your neighbours of disturbances and most importantly send the intruders running.


Not only are they cute, furry, and great companions, but dogs can also be a great deterrence, acting as an alarm system even before an intruder enters your home.  A recent study published in the social forces journal shows that a higher number of dogs in an area can significantly reduce criminal activity in the area –

If you’re looking at getting a dog for your home, why not consider rescuing your new best friend? There are great charities out there such as Senior Dogs Sanctuary, RSPCA, and Death Row Unchained with many dogs currently in need of care, why not reach out and see if there’s one that suits you?


Security Screens

With Nearly half of the households in Australia experienced attempted break-ins noting damage to their doors and windows. Installing a high-quality security screen and door can be a great way to deter unwanted guests, making it nearly impossible to enter. They also add a great aesthetic to the property and help with airflow without being worried about anyone breaking in.  

Our partners Absolute Security Screens offer an incredible selection of prowler-proof screens and doors which have helped many of our customers put the final security touches on their homes. We have partnered with Absolute because they’re not only the best in the industry, but they also offer a great range of options to suit everyone’s individual needs and we have been incredibly impressed with their reliability and customer service.  Absolute and their partner’s service all of South-East Queensland with exceptional quality security screens and incredible customer service. You can contact them on or via their website at


To conclude..

It’s important to remember, nothing is as important as keeping your doors locked and your valuables secured. The most important thing we can do both for our suburb and as homeowners is to secure and deter any unwanted visitors in as many ways as we can. Now is also a great time to join your local neighborhood watch. Most suburbs across South-East Queensland have a dedicated page on Facebook, you can find these using the search function and looking under groups and pages. If you are having trouble finding any neighborhood watch pages, please contact us directly so we can point you in the right direction. 

We are proud to offer home automation and security installations to homes and businesses across the entirety of Brisbane as well as the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Logan, Redlands, and Moreton Bay. Please feel free to reach out to us via our contact form or email at for your free quote as we have something to suit all budgets and requirements. 

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