Video Camera Doorbells: Keeping Kids Safe in Their Own Home

As a parent, being concerned about the safety of your children, night and day, is part and parcel of the role. From a young age we teach them about stranger danger but this lesson tends to focus on times they’re away from home. As they grow older and you begin leaving them at home alone, that doesn’t mean you feel comfortable doing so.

We’re going to focus on how to make kids safe, while at home. You would hope it’s one of the safest places for them to be, but unfortunately it’s not always the case. It’s likely they’ll encounter situations where someone comes to the door and they’re at home alone. 

Enter the video camera doorbell – a game-changer in household security. 

We’ll explore how this smart device practically enhances your home’s safety. And we’ve got some tips on teaching your kids to safely answer the door, when the time arises. 

How a video camera doorbell brings safety to your home

Tip 1 – Use the video camera doorbell app to check who’s outside before approaching the door 

Educate your kids to check the app before approaching the door. It’s a simple, yet effective way to assess who’s outside without opening the door. If they are familiar, they can let them in. If not, then tip #2 is the next action. 

Tip 2 – Ask who’s there, through the two-way audio on the video camera doorbell

Using the smart doorbell’s two-way audio feature, kids can communicate without opening the door. It’s a safe way to engage with visitors, learning who they are without putting themselves in danger.

the feature of eufy video camera doorbell is the ability to have two way audio communication

Tip 3 – Don’t tell strangers you are home alone

Instruct your kids never to disclose via the two-way audio or through the closed door that they’re home alone. It’s a piece of information the person at the door doesn’t need to know. And it’s a piece of information that can compromise their safety. 

Tip 4 – Ask for identification (eg, a police officer or delivery person)

If the visitor claims to be an official, teach your kids to request identification. A person in an official position will fully understand and support this request. Practice with your kids the words they should use, so they feel confident at the time of asking. Tell your child to request the person’s ID be put up against the camera lens. Through the live feed of the video camera doorbell, they can now verify the claim. 

with the eufy video camera doorbell it's possible to see whos at the door and verify their identification. Smarter homes australia installs smart doorbells to homes across brisbane

Tip 5 – If opening the door feels safe, only open it  minimally

Once they have taken the steps above and they decide to open the door, they should do so only minimally, just to confirm the visitor’s identity. A good rule of thumb is to open the door only as wide as their head. 

Tip 6 – If it’s a delivery, through the video doorbell audio, ask for the package to be left at the door

when a delivery is made, the eufy video camera doorbell allows you to talk to the delivery person and see when they are at your door

Most deliveries don’t require personal handovers. Minimise direct contact by encouraging your kids to request through the two-way audio, that packages be left outside. For the safest option, when you see the notification of the delivery person at your door front, you can communicate yourself through the app. Your kids don’t need to interact with them at all. 

Tip 7 – If someone is expected, like a service person, let your kids know

Of course it’s always best to not schedule a service person while you are away, but when it needs to happen, like an emergency, take the necessary safety measures. Inform your kids of the scheduled visit, so they’re not caught off guard. And inform the service person to call you when they arrive, so you’re aware of their presence. You’ll also be notified in real-time, via the app, of their arrival at the front door. 

Tip 8 – When you receive the smart doorbell notification, you answer it instead of your child

The video camera doorbell notification feature is probably the one most people cite as their favourite. It gives you direct control of your front door, no matter where you are. Leverage this feature to its fullest, especially when you’re not physically present. 

the video camera doorbell notification on your app when someone is at your door

Tip 9 – Remind them to definitely never open the door to a stranger 

Mention this rule as often as you can, and then mention it again…. As we know with kids, it can take constant repetition before your rules sink in.

We’ve reached the end of our tips. Some require your kids to understand how to use the video camera doorbell app. First step will be to install the app on their phone. 

Downloading the video camera app on your kid’s phone

Our installation services include downloading the app on your phone and showing you how to use it. Below are the same steps we went through, explained in detail, so you can set up the app on your child’s phone. 

These steps relate to the eufy Video Camera Doorbell, our preferred brand for at home smart doorbells.

As we did for your phone, you’ll need to download the eufy Security app on your child’s phone. This requires setting up an account, with their own email. 

Once the app is downloaded, you’ll be prompted to follow these steps.

Step 1:

Select region – Australia

Step 2:

Sign up with an email and password. This image shows you how this will look.

the steps to signing up for a eufy security account once a video camera doorbell is installed by smarter homes australia

Step 3:

Verify your email by going to your kid’s email inbox, opening the email and clicking on the link. On the app screen, you’ll be prompted to open mailbox. Click cancel here. The most reliable way is to actually go to their email inbox to verify. In this email you’ll be given a verification code. Copy this, click on the blue link, and enter the code on the page. You’ll see the blank space for this under ‘Activate Your Account’. Click submit.

If you don’t see the verification email, check the spam and junk folders.

Step 4:

Now go back to the app log in screen. Enter your child’s email and password, click on the blue Log In button.

Step 5:

Now with the app downloaded and account set up on your child’s phone, you can share from your own app, through the Homebase. 

Homebase is the small image at the bottom of the eufy security app home screen. The small white picture, with Homebase written below it. Click on this image.

Now you see Share Device, as shown in this image. 

the steps to invite your child to the eufy security app once the video camera doorbell is installed by smarter homes australia


Click on Share Device. Click Invite. Click Guest. Click Next.

If you have multiple devices, such as a Smart Door Lock, you can give them access to everything at the same time. Otherwise click on Doorbell, then Next.

Now enter your child’s email address in the box and Send.

You will be asked this – Do you want to share devices to (your child’s email address)?

Click Confirm.

If you have set up the account prior to this, they will receive confirmation of being connected.

If you didn’t set up the account, this email will ask them to register in the eufy Security app, using exactly this same email, then accept the invitation in the app.

On your app, the last screen you’ll see is the status of the invite. The email address will be listed and a note giving you the status which will be waiting to begin with.

Now they have access to all the features of the video camera doorbell, real-live feeds, recordings, two-way audio, like you do. 

Teaching your kids to use the video camera app

Familiarity breeds confidence. Spend time with your kids, guiding them through the app’s functionalities. Practice with examples, so they become comfortable using the app. Their proficiency with the app can be a significant factor in their safety.

These are the most important safety features to focus on and practice with your kids so they are capable of doing this on their own.

  1. Show them how to see the person, without opening the door.
  2. Teach them how to use two-way audio so they can communicate with the person without opening the door. This way they can safely ask this person who they are, request they verify their identification, or simply tell them they can talk to each other through a closed door.  

The kid-friendly, smart solution to home security

Empowering your kids to safely answer the door is an important part of being a parent.  It not only gives you peace of mind but also helps them build the confidence to take charge of their own safety. 

With a video camera doorbell you have a smart, effective solution to home security. By following the tips above, and educating your kids on the use of the smart video doorbell app, your home can be the safe and secure haven you designed it to be.

Keeping your kids safe at home is one of the main reasons cited for installing a video camera doorbell. For many more reason why it’s makes sense to do so, you’ll find this article an interesting read. Top Reasons to Install a Video Camera Doorbell at Home. 

At Smarter Homes Australia we’re here to make your home safer and smarter. For a free quote or if you’d like to make an installation appointment, make contact by calling, emailing or fill in the free quote form online.

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Video Camera Doorbell FAQs

  • If I’m having problems sharing the app to my child’s phone, who can help me?

You being happy with the product and installation is important to us. If you have any questions about the device or how to use it, please make contact by calling or emailing and we’ll happily help you solve it. 

  • Can my child change the settings on the device now they have access through the app?

When you are sharing the device following the steps above, you’ll reach a point where you can select ‘Admin’ or ‘Guest’. Make sure you select ‘Guest’. In this way they can view and talk through the app, but this doesn’t give them access to the settings to make any changes. 


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