Smart Garages & Gate Technology for NDIS Participants

Living with a disability presents daily challenges, especially when it comes to managing your home. Fortunately, assistive technology offers solutions that can make life easier and more independent for the NDIS participant. The smart garage and smart gate opener are examples of assistive technology bringing convenience, safety and independence to those with a physical or mental disability. With features like remote control, voice activation, and programmable operations, smart garages and gate openers meet the needs of individuals wanting to live a safe and high-quality life at home. 

Read on to learn how these assistive technologies are proving to be a useful tool for NDIS participants

What is a Smart Garage? 

When you install a  WiFi smart garage, control to open and close and monitor the status of your garage is now in your hands at all times, no matter where you are. All it takes is the installation of a smart device that connects to your existing garage system, and just like that you can monitor and track your garage operation through your smartphone or smart watch. Not only is operating your garage easier but it now provides you with valuable information in real-time through app notifications. No more lost remotes and no more changing dead batteries at the most inconvenient times. 

We’ve been able to install this smart device to existing garages whether they are straight door, roller door or swing door models. In fact, the device is compatible with over 200 brands and 1600 different models, making it likely your existing garage or gate can be upgraded too. Contact us and we can check the compatibility with your garage.

How a smart garage opener makes life easier for the NDIS participant

Increased Accessibility: 

Phone control through an application and voice activation make it easier to open and close the garage door without physically needing to be near the garage door or remotes allowing better quality of life. 

Enhanced Security: 

Features like automatic closing, and real-time alerts help to the status whether opened or closed help prevent accidents and unauthorised access.

Greater Independence: 

Allows individuals to manage their garage and who enters and exits their home without assistance, promoting self-reliance.

Peace of Mind for Carers and Family:

A valuable feature of the smart garage opener is the option to add carers or family members to the alert and key list. By receiving these alerts, carers and family members stay informed about the garage status, allowing them to provide appropriate support while helping the individual maintain independence and autonomy to manage their home environment.


Simplifies daily routines by providing seamless access to the garage and home for the participant, their support team and family. 


smart garage device installed in a home in brisbane for an ndis participant

What is a Smart Gate? 

A smart gate opener does all the smart garage opener does, but for your electric gate. Open, close and check the status from your app, anywhere and at any time. When paired with a Video Doorbell you can be notified when a guest is at the front entrance or if someone unwanted is hanging around. It provides convenience, security and peace of mind all with the installation of a smart device compatible with most of the major electric gate brands. 

How a smart garage opener makes life easier for the NDIS participant

Similar to the smart garage opener, the smart gate opener delivers a multitude of benefits to the individual with a disability wishing to live an independent life at home.
Specifically these include:

Remote Operation: 

Allows the gate to be opened and closed using a smartphone or smart watch app, eliminating the need to physically attend to the gate. With a simple click on the app, the gate can be opened, granting access to the visitor without the need to make a move. This is a particularly smart feature if the individual has mobility or visual issues. The carer located anywhere can also open the gate and grant access to the help promptly if there are any medical emergencies. 

Voice Activation: 

Taking it a step further towards convenience, the models we install can be integrated with smart home assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, enabling hands-free operation.

Enhanced Security: 

At any time the status of the gate can be viewed, ensuring it is closed. This is viewable while at home or remotely. Another safety feature that can be activated is automatic closing. No need to second guess whether the gate was shut properly or not.  

Peace of Mind for Carers and Family:

For caregivers and family members, knowing their loved one is protected by a smart gate opener provides immense peace of mind. They can remotely monitor the gate and receive alerts about any unusual activity, ensuring they are always informed and can act quickly if needed.

Which NDIS participants can benefit from the installation of a smart garage or smart gate?

Mobility Impaired: 

  • For individuals with mobility impairments, smart garage and gate openers offer significant assistance by reducing physical effort. These systems can be operated via smartphones, smart watches, or voice commands, eliminating the need to manually open heavy doors or gates. This convenience not only saves time but also ensures that individuals with limited mobility can easily access their homes without requiring assistance from others, promoting independence and safety.


Visually Impaired: 

  • Especially when integrated with a smart home assistant like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, a smart garage or gate opener delivers improved convenience and security to someone with a visual impairment.  Now users can open and close garages or gates using simple voice commands. Additionally, smartphone apps with screen reader compatibility make it easier for visually impaired individuals to manage their garage and gate systems, ensuring they can securely enter and exit their homes without visual cues.


Mental Health Conditions:

  • Smart garage and gate openers offer essential support for individuals with mental health conditions or cognitive disabilities by providing simplified solutions. One of the most significant benefits is the sense of security these assistive technology devices bring. The ability to check and secure a garage door or smart gate from anywhere gives individuals a sense of control, which is vital for managing high levels of anxiety. Additionally, the system can be set to automatically close the door after a certain period, preventing the worry of forgetting to secure the home. Individuals dealing with PTSD, OCD, panic disorders find this monitoring feature particularly beneficial. 

smart garage installed by smarter homes australia in brisbane. showing the app for alerts and notifications


Hearing Impaired: 

  • For those with hearing impairments, setting the notifications to vibrate is a simple way to stay informed and up-to-date with activity at the entry points of the home. When integrated with a smart home assistant, the system can be connected to lights that flash when the garage door or gate is opening or closing, providing clear visual cues. These security features empower individuals to feel confident in their ability to live independently.


How Smarter Homes Australia is helping NDIS participants feel secure and enjoy independence in their own homes

It’s a privilege to enhance the lives of many through the installation of assistive technology in homes. Daily we are given access to NDIS participants’ homes and lives and it’s a service we hope to continue providing for years ahead. We look forward to extending these benefits to you or the person under your care.

Like to learn more about the best assistive technology solutions for your home, take advantage of our free quote offer. We’ll visit your home, evaluate the situation, and provide you with personalised plan for your consideration. Please contact us and schedule your free quote or installation today.

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Smart Garage and Gate Openers for NDIS Participants FAQs

  • Do you work with NDIS participants?

Yes we do, all the time. Refer to our specific guide to NDIS participants for more information.

  • Can the smart garage and gate opener be integrated with other smart home devices?

Yes we can integrate your smart home assistant of choice at the time we install the garage or gate device.

  • Will my existing remote for the garage or gate still operate?

Yes it will and it’s handy to keep as a back-up just for peace of mind. But make sure you store it in a secure place so it can’t be found by an intruder. You don’t want to loose the security benefit of having a smart garage or gate by leaving your remote out to be found and used.

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