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NDIS Security, Home Automation & Assistive Technology Installations

Benefiting the lives of NDIS participants with Security, Home Automation & Assistive Technology Installations

Smarter Homes Australia can provide and install the latest in security, smart home & assistive living technology to secure, protect and automate you or your client’s home.

Assistive technology & home automation brings NDIS participants independence in many ways

Limited Mobility

  • Control lights through your voice or mobile device
  • See who’s at the front door and open it without having to move
  • Open the garage door on voice command
  • Give carers and family their own code to enter your house

Vision Impaired

  • Answer the doorbell from your mobile device without having to move
  • Open the door with your fingerprint
  • Schedule lights to brighten when the light reaches a low level 

Seniors & Elderly

  • Set reminders for medications or doctor appointments on your home assistant
  • See who’s at the front door without opening it
  • Feel safe in your home with security cameras, spotlight activation and alarms

Deaf or Hearing Impaired

  • Receive notifications to your mobile device when someone is at your door 
  • Feel safer in your home with alert notifications to your phone
  • Safely provide carers and family with their own code to enter your home

How home automation & security installations can benefit NDIS participants

  1. Improves independence and confidence
  2. Elevates security and safety
  3. Empowers individuals to effortlessly interact through voice and mobile technology
  4. Simplifies daily routines
  5. Facilitates access and visibility for family, friends and support staff

How can we support you?

Security Camera Systems

With a professionally installed security camera system, you’ll have a full view of your home, in the palm of your hand. 

Smart & Digital Door Locks

Install a smart & digital door lock and you’ll never need your keys again. Lock, unlock and check the status from anywhere. 

Video Camera & Audio Doorbell

With a wireless video doorbell installed, you’ll see guests arrive, a package being delivered and any unwanted activity going on.

Smart Garage & Gate

For convenience and security install a smart garage and gate system. Open, close and monitor activity from anywhere.

Smart Lighting

Enjoy convenience and energy efficiency by installing smart lighting. Brings full control of your lighting with one single touch. 

Take your home to the next level with the installation of smart switches. It’s the ultimate in sleek design and high functionality.

Smart Aircon Upgrade

Control the temperature of your house, hot and cold, by upgrading to a smart aircon system. Now do this from wherever you are.

Smart Home Assistant

Improve home management and efficiency by connecting all your smart home devices to one central hub – your smart home assistant.


We've supported many NDIS participants reach their goals

We’re passionate about helping our NDIS clients live a more independent life. The reasons we’re preferred installers are the following: 

  • Locally owned and operated in Queensland
  • Years of experience and highly professional
  • Friendly and considerate team with excellent communication
  • Provide detailed education and training 
  • Free quotes and advice

Our Social Services & NDIS Partners

We’re privileged to support a number of social service and NDIS organisations to help provide security and home automation to clients that can benefit most. Our partner organisations in the NDIS and social services space are dedicated to client safety and quality of life and we are proud to support them in achieving these goals.

Make your home safer & smarter.

Contact us today and we'll make it happen.

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