Tips to Keep Your Home Safe & Secure Over the Holidays

The holiday season is all about joy, celebrations, and creating memories with loved ones. But it’s also a time when burglars are on the prowl. People are busy celebrating, paying less attention to their security, and regularly away from home, leaving it unprotected. The perfect conditions for an intruder to break-in and take your personal things. At Smarter Homes Australia, we’d like to make your holidays secure and worry-free!

Install a smart home security camera system that sends you alerts, no matter where you are

Ever wished you could keep an eye on your home even when you’re away? It’s possible with the installation of our smart security systems. With state-of-the-art security cameras that provide real-time monitoring via your smartphone, you can be the virtual guardian of your property. Wanting high definition video quality and night vision capabilities? Yes, we have models with those features. Want to hardwire it into your home so you never have to change batteries again? Our CCTV security cameras will suit your needs. Like to install security cameras with floodlights to deter criminals and light up your outdoors for better visibility? We have a range of wired floodlight cameras to choose from.

We are experts in the installation of wireless, wired CCTV and wired floodlight security camera systems for homes in Sth-East QLD. Contact us for a free quote today and we can arrange for installation before you go away.

home security camera installed by smarter homes australia in brisbane

Make it appear like you’re at home

Homes that look unoccupied are the perfect target for a burglar. Deter them by creating the illusion you’re home with automated smart lighting. Before you go away or even remotely, set the lights to switch on and off at appropriate times, such as when it’s dark, then off again when you would be going to bed. These settings can be done and changed remotely through your smartphone so it’s not the same time every night to make it more natural. It’s also a good idea to ask a neighbour to collect your mail or put away your bins as these are easy signs to an intruder you’re away.

We’ve installed smart lighting systems in many homes across Sth-East QLD, especially Brisbane and the surrounding areas. Whether you want single smart bulbs or a full system installed, we can do both. Contact us to learn about the options available to suit your home.

Don’t leave a spare key outside for a burglar to find

We’ve all planted a spare key in a secret hiding spot before. Did you know we tend to put them in places most intruders know? Instead of leaving a key outside, you can do away with the key altogether and install a keyless digital door lock. A smart door lock not only makes your home safer, but it’s a lot more convenient when you need to let someone you know in and you’re not home. Set up their personal code which can be for one-off, a couple of days, a week or even forever. You can even check when they enter and leave through your smartphone. Perfect to keep an eye on the kids coming and going.

We have a variety of smart digital door locks in our range including:

  • Smart Wifi Keypad
  • Smart Wifi Keypad with Fingerprint Scanner & 365 Day Battery Life
  • Smart Wifi Keypad Deadbolt with In-built Video Doorbell, Chime & Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack


Remove or eliminate the garage door opener

The car is one of the most commonly stolen items from the home. If you have a lock up garage, then don’t leave the door opener inside the garage, as most people do. Yes it might be convenient but it sure makes it easy for a burgular to steal your car! At least make it difficult, if not impossible, for the intruder to open the garage and take off with your car. Either hide the remote opener in a very unusual place or, a better solution, install a smart garage door opener which is only accessible on your smartphone. It’s also convenient. Now you don’t have to worry about losing the remote or the batteries going flat at annoying times.

The Smart Garage & Gate door opener and app is our preferred model. It’s compatible with 1000s of garage models and we’ll set up the app on your smartphone and teach you how to use it. Contact us and we’ll be able to let you know immediately if your garage is able to be upgraded to a smart garage.

See who’s coming and going with a video doorbell

Before someone even enters your home you can be alerted of their unwanted activity with a video doorbell. You can even speak to them remotely through the device, letting them know your have eyes on them at all times. And when a delivery has been made, you’ll be notified immediately so you can remove it quickly from your front door. You don’t want it to be stolen or signal to the world you’re not at home.

We’ve the expertise to install a video doorbell on all kinds and materials of doors. The models in our range include:

  • 2K Video Doorbell
  • 2K Video Doorbell Pro


Don’t entice burglars by giving them an idea of all the big new items you got this Christmas

Leaving a huge box outside the night before garbage collection is like a flashing light to a burglar, trying to decide which house to hit up next. Even if you have to get up early to put these outside, it’s just another way to keep your home safe and secure.

Ready to feel safer these holidays?

Keeping your home safe during the holidays requires a little work on your part but at Smarter Homes Australia we can make it easier. The installation of a high-tech security system deters those thieves in the first place and if unwanted activity is occurring, you’ll be informed in real-time, allowing you to stop it in it’s tracks. 

Contact us for a free quote and make your home safe and secure these holidays and all year round.

And let us make your home smarter & work more efficiently these holidays too

It’s likely you’re going to be working a bit harder these holidays with all the extra activities planned. Why not take a few things off your list and make your home work smarter and harder these holidays? Here are ways we can make that happen.

Some of these we’ve mentioned above, as ways to improve your home’s security, so they work double time for you! 

  • Keyless digital door so you don’t have to worry about keys being lost or having to cut multiple keys for your family, 
  • Video doorbell so you know instantly when a guest has arrived or a package has been delivered,
  • Smart aircon to keep everyone cool without breaking the bank,
  • We can also install smart lighting, security cameras, alarm systems, and smart intercoms, all designed to improve the efficiency of your home.


Make your home safer & smarter.

Contact us today and we'll make it happen.

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