Smart Doorbells: Enhancing Everyday Accessibility for NDIS Participants

As technology strides forward, it brings with it a suite of tools and devices specifically designed to break down obstacles and forge paths to independence for those facing physical, sensory, or cognitive challenges. Among these innovations, the video camera doorbell is making a significant impact to NDIS participants everyday lives. Answering the door, a simple task for many, is a considerable challenge for others.  

This is where assistive technology truly shines. It combines a doorbell, a camera, and an app into a single smart device, delivering both convenience and security seamlessly.

We have seen firsthand how this remarkably small device transforms the life and sense of independence for those in need of help.

The video camera doorbell; opening a doorway to independence for NDIS participants

The essence of smart home technology lies in its ability to tailor the living environment to the unique needs of its inhabitants. Through automation, daily tasks become less of a hurdle. The video camera doorbell epitomises this philosophy by offering a multifaceted solution that addresses the nuanced challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. 

Here’s a look at the numerous ways a smart doorbell enhances both convenience and security, especially for those navigating the daily challenges of home living. Living independently is now more achievable than ever.

The many ways video doorbells are addressing challenges faced by NDIS participants

For those with mobility challenges, such as wheelchair users or individuals who rely on mobility aids, the journey to answer the door can be fraught with obstacles. The video camera doorbell alleviates these difficulties by providing real-time visual and audio communication with visitors, negating the need to physically reach the door. This feature offers convenience while also lowering the chance of falls or injuries from rushing.

Individuals with fine motor skill impairments or conditions that affect hand strength and coordination, like arthritis or cerebral palsy, often find the physical act of opening doors frustrating. The video camera doorbell sidesteps this issue by allowing door monitoring and visitor interaction through simple touches on a smartphone or tablet. Integrate the video doorbell with your smart home assistant like Google Home or Amazon Alexa and this action is now conducted with your voice, no need to open an app or press a button.

smart video camera doorbell installed on a home in brisbane by smarter homes australia

Upgrading security for NDIS participants with the installation of a video doorbell

Security is a paramount concern for everyone, but it holds additional significance for individuals with disabilities, who may be more vulnerable to security risks. The video camera doorbell strengthens home security by providing features like motion detection, real-time alerts, and the ability to record footage, offering residents and their caregivers an added layer of protection and peace of mind.

A video doorbell ensures no visitor goes unnoticed

The challenge of missed visitors or deliveries is effectively addressed by the video camera doorbell. It allows individuals to communicate with visitors or delivery personnel from anywhere, ensuring they never miss an important delivery or unexpected visit, which can be crucial for those with scheduled medical deliveries or care services.

Which NDIS participants find the video doorbell a source of aid and convenience

A range of disabilities can be accommodated with the installation of a video camera doorbell. We’ll take a look at a few of these below.

Mobility Impaired: 

  • Navigating mobility issues can transform the straightforward task of answering the door into an inconvenient, sometimes hazardous endeavour. With the installation of a smart doorbell, this regular task is now challenge-free. When the activity at the front door occurs, such as a visitor or delivery person, a notification is sent through the smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. No matter your location in the home, an immediate response can be made through the two-way audio feature.

    two way audio feature on the eufy video camera doorbell installed by smarter homes australia
    An additional feature of the eufy video doorbell we install is Quick Response. This feature gives users the ability to quickly respond to visitors who ring the doorbell with a pre-recorded audio message. Three different quick responses (up to 10s long) can be pre-recorded, for use in a variety of situations, for added convenience to the mobility impaired.


Visually Impaired: 

  • The major benefit of a video doorbell for the visually impaired is how it enables communication with visitors without needing visual confirmation. With the audio feature on every model we install, the resident can speak directly with the visitor at the door, confirming their identity, prior to allowing them entry. Download the video doorbell app to your smartphone, now the alert feature is set to vibration or sound, ensuring the user is aware of a visitor’s presence without relying on sight. It’s assistive technology at work; simplifying while securing home living for visually impaired individuals.


Hearing Impaired:

  • When someone arrives at the door, motion is detected by the video doorbell, activating a notification sent to the resident’s phone or tablet. This notification can be in text style or sent as a vibration. Many of the individuals with hearing impairments we have worked with have a smartwatch that vibrates when a visitor is detected at the door. Whether the app is set up on your smartphone or smart watch, either way it makes it very simple to know when someone is at the door.

    apple homekey compatible with a smart door lock installed by smarter homes australia

How the video camera doorbell supports the NDIS participants’ caregiver

A video doorbell acts as a vital support tool for caregivers of individuals with disabilities, offering an extra layer of oversight and communication in a number of important ways:

  • It allows caregivers to monitor the home’s entrance remotely, ensuring they can see and interact with visitors even when they’re not on-site. This capability is crucial for managing the safety and well-being of those under their care, as it ensures only authorised visitors are granted access. 
  • The video doorbell alerts caregivers to any unusual activity or potential security issues. With this real-time information, the carer can respond swiftly to any situation that may arise, further ensuring the safety and comfort of the individual they care for.
  • With the smart doorbell installed, it’s possible to coordinate care and deliveries without disrupting the routine of the person with a disability. Caregivers can communicate directly with visiting healthcare providers or delivery people when they arrive at the premises, minimising intrusion and maintaining the comfort and dignity of those under their care.
  • Additionally, video doorbells offer a historical log of all the comings and goings at the residence, which can be invaluable for caregivers managing complex care schedules. This feature allows carers to verify visits from healthcare professionals, family members, and other service providers, providing a clear record of interaction, essential for managing the health and well-being of the individual with a disability.

The video camera doorbell plus smart lock combo: taking security and simplicity to the next level 

When combined, a video doorbell and a smart door lock simplify the routine process of responding to someone at the door and allowing entry to guests, all in one seamless step. With the smart video doorbell you can visually verify the identity of the person outside, engage in conversation using the built-in audio function if desired, then unlock the door to grant access. All done from wherever you happen to be. It’s an empowering setup for anyone dealing with a disability. 

video camera doorbell and smart lock placement on the front door of a home in brisbane by smarter homes australia

We’ve installed this combined setup on many front doors across Brisbane, including NDIS participants’ homes. There is an all-in-one combined smart doorbell and lock model. We’ll happily discuss this further with you during our free consultation and take into consideration your unique situation.

For all the benefits of a smart door lock read our article on smart door locks for NDIS participants

The Smarter Homes Australia commitment to enhancing lives of NDIS participants 

The Smarter Homes Australia team is dedicated to harnessing the power of smart home technology to enrich the lives of NDIS participants; fostering independence and security in their own homes. The transformative impact of assistive technology like the video camera doorbell is something we’ve witnessed firsthand and brings us job satisfaction on a regular basis.

We’re here to guide you through the selection of suitable smart devices for your home and personal needs. Offering free consultations, we aim to assess your unique situation and provide a cost-effective plan tailored just for you. 

Please contact us to schedule your free quote and take the first step towards a more accessible, secure, and independent living environment.

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Video camera doorbells for NDIS participants FAQs

  • Do you work with NDIS participants?

Yes we do, all the time. Refer to our specific guide to NDIS participants for more information.

  • Can a video camera doorbell be integrated with other smart home devices?

Yes a video camera doorbell works extremely well with other smart devices especially the digital door lock as we mentioned above. Additionally, the smart doorbell can integrate with voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, offering NDIS participants the convenience of controlling their home using voice commands.

  • Can I have multiple users on the video doorbell?

Yes you can up to 5 users with access to your smart video doorbell. For example, your partner, primary caregiver, family members or anyone you trust can be given authority and access.

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