Where to Locate Security Cameras – The Ultimate Guide

Understanding the common entry points for burglars is crucial in fortifying your home against intrusions. With our extensive experience in the home security industry, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to identify the most common access points used by intruders, highlight their vulnerabilities, and provide the best security solutions to reinforce these areas. Whether you’re in Brisbane or located in SE Qld, this article aims to help you make your home more secure and resilient against potential break-ins.

Front Door: The Most Common Entry Point

Surprisingly, the front door is often the primary entry point for burglars. This can be attributed to inadequate security measures and doors left unlocked.

Our Top Security Measures:

  • High-Quality Locks: Deadbolts and smart locks add layers of security. Smart locks offer convenience and control, allowing homeowners to lock and unlock doors remotely, receive entry alerts, and even grant temporary access codes.
  • Reinforced Door Frames & Security Screens: Upgrading door frames and hinges can significantly increase the resistance of your door to forced entry. Reinforced frames make it difficult for burglars to kick in doors.
  • Video Doorbells and Security Cameras: Visual verification is crucial. Video Camera Doorbells allow residents to see who is at the door without opening it. Security cameras, especially those with motion detection and night vision capabilities, can monitor and record front door activity.

Windows: The Overlooked Vulnerabilities

Windows, particularly those on the ground floor or obscured from view, are prime targets for burglars due to the ease of entry, especially if they aren’t reinforced or locked.

Our Top Security Measures:

  • Locks and Latches: Sturdy locks are essential. Aftermarket window locks can add a level of security, making windows harder to pry open.
  • Window Sensors: These sensors alert homeowners when a window is opened or glass is broken, providing immediate notification of a potential intrusion.
  • Window Bars or Grilles: For ground-floor windows, bars or grilles can serve as a physical barrier, deterring burglars from attempting to enter through these points.


Back and Side Doors: The Concealed Risks

Back and side doors are attractive to burglars due to their typically secluded positions and lower visibility from the street, allowing them more time and privacy.

Our Top Security Measures:

  • Motion-Detector Lights: These lights illuminate the area at night, removing hiding spots and alerting homeowners to movement.
  • Security Cameras: Cameras positioned to monitor less visible doors can be a significant deterrent. They also provide valuable footage in the event of a break-in.
  • Upgraded Locks: Like the front door, back and side doors should be equipped with high-quality smart locks and reinforced frames.

security camera installed in the back of the house by smarter homes australia

Garage Doors: The Often Overlooked Entry Point

Garages can be an easy access point, especially if there’s a door that leads directly into the home. I always recommend

Our Top Security Measures:

  • Secure Door from Garage to Home: This door should be as secure as the front door, with sturdy locks and solid construction.
  • Upgrade Your Garage to a Smart Garage: Modern openers with rolling code technology prevent burglars from capturing the opener’s signal. Smart Garage Doors also alert you when the door has been opened allowing you additional security.
  • Extra Locks: Adding additional locks or a deadbolt to the garage door can enhance security.


Sliding Glass Doors: The Attractive Yet Vulnerable Entry

Sliding glass doors are often seen as vulnerable due to their glass material and sometimes weaker locks. This can be easily fixed with a few of our recommendations below.

Our Top Security Measures:

  • Shatter-Resistant Film: This film makes glass doors harder to break, delaying or deterring burglars.
  • Dowel or Security Bar: Placed in the track, these bars prevent the door from being forced open.
  • High-Quality Locks: Secondary locking mechanisms specifically designed for sliding doors can significantly enhance security.


Roof and Skylights: The Unconventional Entry Points

Burglars may use skylights or roofs as entry points, especially in homes with accessible second stories. This is extremely rare, however, we have seen it a couple of times so figured it was worth a quick mention.

Our Top Security Measures:

  • Secure Locks on Skylights: Skylights should have locks that cannot be easily opened from the outside.
  • Trim Trees Near the Roof: Reducing access to the roof by trimming nearby trees and removing climbable objects.
  • Install an Alarm System: Alarms that trigger when skylights are tampered with or broken can alert homeowners to an intrusion.

Fences and Gates: The First Line of Defense

Fences and gates can deter intruders before they even reach the house as homes may be put into the ‘too hard basket’. Reinforcing your fences and gates can be an excellent deterrence, especially when paired with a dog or camera system.

Our Top Security Measures:

  • Lockable Gates: Gates should be kept closed and locked.
  • Maintain Fence Integrity: Regular inspections and repairs are necessary to ensure that fences and gates remain strong and intact.
  • Security Spikes or Pointed Tops: These additions can make fences more difficult to climb over.


home security camera installed above the side gate on a home in brisbane by smarter homes australia

Installations from Smarter Homes Australia

Smart Locks and Reinforced Door Systems

  • Advanced Smart Locks: Provide keyless entry, remote access controls, and real-time alerts.
  • Reinforced Doors and Frames: This isn’t something we offer directly, however we do have partners in the industry that are excellent.


Cutting-Edge Security Cameras and Alarm Systems

  • High-Definition Cameras: Offer clear, wide-angle views and may include features like facial recognition and night vision.
  • Integrated Alarm Systems: Include a variety of sensors and loud alarms to alert homeowners and deter intruders.


Automated Lighting and Garage Door Systems

  • Smart Lighting Solutions: Programmable and motion-activated lighting systems enhance the security of the exterior.
  • Smart Garage Door Openers: Feature advanced security protocols to prevent unauthorized access and alerts the homeowners if the door is opened.


Home Automation for Enhanced Security

  • Integrated Home Systems: Combine security, lighting, and surveillance into a unified control system.
  • Remote Monitoring Apps: All of our products including our camera systems come with free applications that allow you to monitor your devices from anywhere.


Video Camera Doorbells for Enhanced Security

  • 2K Video: Capture clear footage day or night with high-definition video and night vision.
  • Motion Detection: Receive instant alerts on your smartphone for real-time monitoring.
  • Two-Way Audio: Communicate with visitors or delivery personnel through built-in microphones and speakers.
  • Remote Monitoring Apps: Our video camera doorbells come with free apps for monitoring your devices from anywhere.


A Holistic Approach to Home Security

By understanding the common entry points and implementing robust security measures with state-of-the-art products from Smarter Homes Australia, homeowners can significantly reduce the risk of burglaries and intrusions. Comprehensive security involves not just physical measures but creating a vigilant and aware household. Staying informed about local crime trends, and engaging with community safety initiatives are essential in ensuring a safe living environment for you and your suburb. With Smarter Homes Australia, you’re not just installing security products; you’re building a safer future for your home and family.

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