Environmental awareness is crucial to support a greener future. One of the major issues at the forefront of our minds is reducing our carbon footprint. As an individual, we can do our part by conserving energy in our daily lives. A great way to reduce our footprint is through home automation.

How does home automation conserve energy?


The simplest way is by placing home control systems into your hands, hence making it easier to operate and personalise appliances for your use. Home automation incorporates the functions of various devices allowing you to control them to suit your needs. As an example, what may be generally 4 lights to a single switch can now be controlled individually through your smart lighting setup, allowing you to only select the lighting and brightness that suits your needs, thus saving electricity. 

Where I have noticed the biggest impact is in the following example; you already left home but forgot to switch off the lights. Normally, you would simply have to bite the bullet and wait until you can get home before turning them off. However, with home automation, you can simply switch them off with the push of a button from your phone. You can even go the extra mile and setup programmable schedules for your lights, allowing you to automate them to your preferences at certain times of the day. As one might imagine, this ends up saving a lot of energy.

With lower energy use also comes lower bills. Some smart homes include specialised monitors that can read the general electricity bill hence allowing the owner to be aware of and tailor their consumption to their needs.

Though the usefulness of home automation cannot be denied in regards to energy saving, one of the best ways to truly conserve energy is by combining home automation with energy-conserving 5-star appliances.

The centralised nature of home automation controls plays an essential part in energy saving. All of your household appliances being in one location makes it more likely for people to adjust settings as they see fit, or as they enter and exit rooms. Human laziness should not be discounted when considering this.

Also, the signals sent by these buttons would be otherwise coming from different devices that will be doubling your consumption. Hence, automation plays an important role in energy conservation by eliminating other impractical devices used for the same purpose.

At the end of the day, home automation is a key player in the world of environmental awareness.


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