The Benefits of Wireless Security Cameras for NDIS Participants

Living with a disability can be challenging, and NDIS participants often have individualised security needs. Wireless security cameras can be a valuable tool for NDIS participants who want to ensure their safety and security as well as view their home at any time through a phone or tablet. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of wireless security cameras through the lens of NDIS participants.


Enhanced Safety

A Wireless security camera system can help NDIS participants feel safer in their homes. With real-time live video monitoring, they can keep an eye on their surroundings and quickly identify any deter any potential problems. This can be particularly helpful for NDIS participants who live alone or have limited mobility with security being a risk factor. 


Remote Monitoring

Wireless security cameras can be accessed remotely through a phone or tablet. This means that NDIS participants can monitor their homes from anywhere in the world. This can be particularly helpful for those who travel frequently or have caregivers they visit external to their homes on a regular basis. With remote monitoring, they can ensure that their homes are secure and feel at peace when leaving the property for longer periods of time. 


Improved Independence

Wireless security cameras can help NDIS participants maintain their independence. The ability to monitor their surroundings allows the user to make informed decisions about their safety and security. This newfound independence can boost confidence and self-esteem. Many of our recent NDIS installations include solar panels for each camera, this means that you can receive all of the benefits of the wireless system without the need for charging every 3-6 months. As a note, if there are existing outdoor lights, specialised cameras can also be wired directly into 240V power keeping them powered at all times. 



Wireless security cameras come with a range of customization options that can be particularly helpful for NDIS participants. For example, users can set up alerts that notify them when someone enters or exits their home. They can also set up custom zones that focus on specific areas such as outside the bedroom, front door or back patio. 


Alarm System & Spotlight Built In

Our specialised wireless security systems include an in-built alarm, siren, and spotlight system for further security deterrence. This can significantly improve the security of the home and provide further peace of mind knowing that potential intruders will cause the siren to trigger. The alarm can also be triggered manually if there are any safety concerns that are caught on live view and a schedule can be set up so the alarm automatically triggers at certain time points. 


Perfect for Rentals and Those Moving in the Near Future

The lack of cabling and reduced need for installation holes when installing a wireless security system allows NDIS participants to install the system in rental properties or short-term accommodations. At Smarter Homes Australia, we always offer NDIS participants the option for us to remove and reinstall the system at their next residence at the cost price of labor. This allows the system to be relocated without significant additional costs. 


To Conclude…

Wireless security cameras can be a valuable tool for NDIS participants who want to enhance their safety and security. With real-time video monitoring, remote access, and customization options, they can feel confident in their ability to protect themselves and their homes. If you or a loved one is an NDIS participant, wireless security cameras may be an investment worth considering.

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